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Farming Multiwood gold guide – GW2

You can get 40 gold hourly farming Multiwood in Guild Wars 2, at almost any level. People have been farming Multiwood for a while now, and it's no secret that you can farm it. Its popularity rises and drops with the price

GW2: Thief Solo Leveling Build

Thief Builds are fairly common these days. There are specialty builds for just about every profession, and every type of play you can imagine.There are plenty of PvE and PvP builds, but those focus on when you hit the level

GW2: Warrior Leveling Build

It's been a while since we've put up any kind of a build for GuildWars 2. Today, we present you with a simple leveling build. Now it's true that you can simply level with crafting, and forget all the content.

GW2: Structured PvP – 300 Rank Points Every 5 Minutes

This is an interesting trick that someone found with GW2 arenas. It will allow you to get 300 Rank points every 5 minutes, guaranteed. So how do you do it?

GW2: Autolooter

If you are near a mob or downed pvp player, then this tool will automatically loot nearby corpses. This makes it so you don't have to worry about anyone else grabbing the loot, and you no longer have to manually

GW2: Sanctum of Rall node map

If you have been curious on where to find certain nodes, then this is going to be a windfall for you. This map contains the Sanctum of Rall nodes.  It contains Orichalcum Veins, Orrian / Ancient Saplings, Omnomberry, Chests, Coral,

GW2: Flipping Mini’s For Fun and Profits

There are a few reasons why its either good or bad to flip Mini’s. The most basic reasons however are because it's profitable, and people want to collect them. This makes for some easy profits for the prepared person. Now

Guild Wars 2: Faster Leveling tips

Some players in Guild Wars 2 have a hard time leveling, and you can get to a point in the game where it seems like you don’t get experience for anything you do, and you just run around in circles.

GW2: Tier 1 Crafting material farming spot

I found a sweet spot where you can grind and get all the tier 1 crafting materials in the game, keep in mind that this is not a good grinding spot if you want to earn a bit of gold,

GW2: uNf Trainer – Teleport Tool

Note: This is similar to gZoom, but is compiled with different code. This was tightly coded to allow it to run on lower end systems without lag. This tool will never have hotkeys, so don't expect to be able to

GW2: How to recruit new members to your guild

Some of us want our own guild or maybe have a leading role in the guild. Maybe you’re leader of a guild, a high ranked officer or just want your guild to grow and get bigger, better and have more

GW2: Easy Daily Quest – Aquatic Slayer

For those of you who hate doing the daily quest which involves fighting mobs in the water, there is an easy way to complete this mission. Just goto Harathi Hinterlands

GW2: Maximize Magic Find via Food, Boosts, & Gear

If you’re serious about grinding in Guild Wars 2 then you need to consider getting some Magic Find boost on your character. Magic find will greatly increase the chance of rare loot to be found in the mobs that you

GW2: How to get FREE Mini-Pets guide

Getting free miniatures/mini-pets in Guild Wars 2 isn’t as hard as many people think it is, in this guide I will explain how you can do it, I will explain every step of the way. Miniatures or mini-pets are small

Guild Wars 2: gZoom Elite updated to v1.4

This game hack for Guild Wars 2 includes the following hacks; Speed hack, Gravity hack, Teleport, Wall climb, No-Clip (go through terrain/walls), Hotkeys. This is the elite version of the hack, which you would normally have to pay for.

Guild Wars 2: Direct X Radar HUD – Show Hostiles & Players

Wouldn't it be cool, if you could tell exactly where an enemy player was hiding? Well now you can. In fact it's not just limited to players, you can also see NPCs and Mobs. This Radar HUD (Heads Up Display)

GW2: Find Opposite Faction Names in WvW

This simple trick will allow you to find enemies names in WvW when they are usually hidden. This will allow you to track someone down, troll them, or even to communicate with cross server spies.

GW2: Fire Elementalist PvE Build

More and more players are using the Elementalist profession in GW2, and tend to make their builds all about Earth or Air magic for leveling in PvE. However we have found that Fire magic is usually the better choice. In

GW2: Ascended Gear Guide

When The Lost Shores expansion to Guild Wars 2 was released, it also added to player equipment called Ascended gear.  These items can only be acquired by playing through the Fractals of the Mist dungeon or by crafting with the

Guild Wars 2: gZoom Elite Game Hack

gZoom is a game hack for Guild Wars 2, which will allow you to zoom your camera or change your field of view. It will also enable a speed hack, gravity hack, Wall Climb Hack, Teleport/Warp tool, NoClip, Gravity, and

GW2: Complete List of Emotes

Emotes have always been a popular addition to any MMO game, and Guild Wars 2 is no different. They allow players to express themselves and be creative with their characters while they’re just hanging out and talking with other players.