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Pokemon Go Game Hacks & Anti-Ban

This Pokemon Go Game Hacks & Anti-Ban gives you enhanced features, which will allow you to avoid being softbanned (which is when you fake travel distances quickly). This is a compilation of hacks and will require that you have a rooted phone,

.NET Injector Tool Free Download

Why do you need a .NET Injector tool? If you don't know how hard it is to inject code into a .NET application, then you probably won't appreciate this .NET Injector tool. But if you don't know how, and need to,

WoW Fly Hack & NoClip WoW x64 Download

The WoW Fly Hack is a dll which you will need to inject with your own injector into WoW. It is created for WoW WoD, and may not work with non-expansion accounts. I am unsure if it works with emulated servers, you

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks is a collection of game hacks for Global Strike Counter Offensive which will give you distinct advantages over your enemies within the game, including but not limited to bomb timers, slow aim, anti-recoil, and glow on players which

DLL Injector Tool Download

Don't you hate it when you have a new game hack you want to play with, but alas the game hack is in the form of a dll, and there is no included DLL Injector Tool? GAH! Now you have to

WiFi Password Cracker Tool

This WiFi Password Cracker Tool for Windows allows you to recover or crack the password to almost any WiFi — including secure WiFi networks protected by WPA and WPA2 — using five methods of attack: dictionary, word, mask, combination, and hybrid

FFXIV: Working Radar, Click 2 Teleport, Speedbuff

The guys over at MMOMinion have a new project they have been working on, a bot system. Now I know that MMOViper has a working bot right now, but if you have ever seen the differences between them, it's kind

Farmville 2: Rocks and Stumps from your farm without friends

This will allow you to remove those rock and stump obstructions in your fields, without the need of friends to help you, nor waiting on them to respond. You will need; Cheat Engine a Browser, preferably without too many addons

Planetside 2: Use Game Hacks, without getting banned

Currently there are 2 ways of getting banned in Planetside 2. There are manual bans that are being given out by GMs, and crash report bans that are sent to SOE that reveal injected .dll's and the like, revealing you as

WoW: Farclip & Fly addon and macro

Some people use hacks to do the same thing you can do with this addon. Game hacks are detectable and can get you banned easily when detected. Addons on the other hand are harder to detect, but can still be

WoW: Simple Fly Hack, no memory writing

DarkLinux created a no memory write Fly Hack for World of Warcraft. He made it so he could harass live streamers and fly behind them, which kind of makes them look like they are playing on emulators, rather then on

Guild Wars 2: Direct X Radar HUD – Show Hostiles & Players

Wouldn't it be cool, if you could tell exactly where an enemy player was hiding? Well now you can. In fact it's not just limited to players, you can also see NPCs and Mobs. This Radar HUD (Heads Up Display)

WoW: Client Side Model Changer Tool

This tool, was written for the x86 players in mind, meaning it does NOT support running on 64 bit Windows, nor on a Mac. However it will allow you to change the skin on your character, the glow of your

Warning: Do you use Opera Browser on Mac, Windows, or Linux?

It turns out there is a vulnerability, which can easily be remedied with a little tweak of your settings. If you don't do it, then it's possible that someone can do an XSS attack and steal your cookies - which

Top 25 Most Common and Worst Passwords of 2012

You would think, with all the hacking going on around the world today, that people by now, would use a password manager and a more secure password, but it seems that some people will never learn... and for that they

Diablo 3: Blizzard Server HACKED!

Ok, so we all can expect some glitches here and there, and we all know how to take some basic prevention in order to keep our accounts safe. But what happens when the problem isn't us, it's the game company? This is

Tera Online: No Fall Damage exploit

This is a simple exploit which will allow you to jump from any cliff or mountain and receive little to no damage. This is great for chasing someone down in PvP or getting into hidden areas.