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World of Warcraft: 120k Heal Over Time for PVE Tanks trick

In PVE, a 120k Heal over time (HoT) can mean the difference between a wipe and successful Raid. Of course everyone will still congratulate the Healer on a job well done, but you will know the truth of the matter,

NeverWinter: Healing Teammates

I saw this question elsewhere, and thought this would be a good topic to cover. How do you heal a teammate? If you are new to MMOs, but not new to Dungeons and Dragons, it might come as a surprise

Ragnarok Online 2: Sorcerer Full Support Guide

This is my FS Sorc guide. I think support or healer Sorcs are just as capable at healing as a Priest. Sorcs do lack some of the essential skills that Priests do. Like Coloseu Heal or Blessing but they make

GW2: 5 Must Read Dungeon Running Tips for everyone

Guild Wars 2 sends the traditional Tank/Heal/DPS threesome home, in favor of a positioning-based system that puts each player in charge of their own health. Here are five tips to help you get through Guild Wars 2’s five-person dungeons without

WoW: Healing in PvP guide

Healing in World of Warcraft is one of the most important factors when in PvP. Arena Healing and PvP healing are two very different things hoever. When in the arena it is necessary to choose much more between offense and

WoW: Target Swapping in PvP

Target Swapping in World of Warcraft is essential to maximize the ability of your character. Each class will have a different way of target swapping, but using your keyboard instead of your mouse is a must for every class. When

Eden Eternal: Working AutoIt Bot with Source Code

A working Eden Eternal bot, created with AutoIt. This bot is simple to use, and includes the source code. Please note however you will need to find the offsets using CheatEngine or another memory editing software. Please see the source

Minecraft v1.8.1 Single Player Hacks

This is a set up Single Player Hacks, which you can use for yourself. note that this will not work on multi-player worlds, however we are sure you will have lots of fun with these new commands! 🙂 Normal Commands

Rift: Necro/Warlock/Dominator Leveling and PvE Build

This guide was written by Wuulfgar, in response to my Necro/Warlock/Chloromancer build.  First off, I want to thank Wuulfgar for this build and write up, I have been content with my build, but he chose to make a new build and

Rift: How to Kill a Healer in PvP

How do you kill a healer in Rift PvP? At the moment either put a healing debuff on them, or gang up on them with a few other players. People all through the Rift forums have been either calling for

Lotro follow Healbot

This is a simple bot, which will run around and heal for you. It cannot be run with dualboxing, however it would work great with a second computer. consider this the perfect little exp leeching healbot.

Rift: Tank Builds, 2 Soul Tree Main Specs

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com Here's a tank build for Rift, with the main Souls being Paladin and Warlord. The key with this build is to both generate threat, as well as to block, and use abilities with blocking. Additionally,

Rift: Over Powered Cleric Build

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com I have leveled thus far to 31. The OP DPS Build seems to be Cabalist, Sentinel, Druid. I am able to solo 2-4 same level mobs, healing and AOE killing at the same. This is

Aion: Cleric Healing, Buffing, Leveling, and Combat Macros

Aion: Cleric Macros written and compiled by magicard5861 Here are some macros for any Cleric, which will help with your healing and buffing, leveling, and combat. Use these in game macros to better master your class and skills.

StarWars Galaxy: Officer Stim Bot

SWG Officer Stim Bot Officer Stim Bot Features Bot will move out of and into a drop house. Will alternate calls bewteen tacs and heals, can call double heals. Will move stims from drop crate to storage house. Has built in

Aion: Party Healing Follow Bot

This is a party healing bot that uses Clints cMem for Memory reading/writing. The party healing bot does exactly what its name says, heals all members in party. The bot follows a target player, sits when the player sits, and

DDO: Dwarf Batman Build – Sneaky DPS Tank

Imagine a sneaky dps tank, with the ability to find your traps, then disarm them.  Imagine massive DPS with decent armorclass and hit points.  This is the Dwarf Batman build. If you have the veteran build its much easier. 32pt