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Final Fantasy XV Demo Game Hack +11 LinGon

This Final Fantasy XV Demo Game Hack by LinGon works with Final Fantasy 15 Demo, the Steam version for Windows 64. It will not (that we know of, work with any other versions of the game - however will need testing

Unlimited Health Cheat – Phantom Trigger

You're going to need this Unlimited Health Cheat if you're new to playing the Phantom Trigger alpha. What is Phantom Trigger? It's a Top Down Shooter, where you follow the character Stan as he makes his way through a neon dream

Extra Medkits Cheat – The Division

If you're playing The Division, then you might find it useful to have this Extra Medkits Cheat. Instead of holding 5, you can hold a max of 7 with some simple instructions.

Healer’s Mana Potions Guide – ArcheAge

Healer’s Mana Potions Guide

The Healer’s Mana Potions Guide, is meant to guide you through which mana potions are best in which situations. as well as the cost and insight in creating Mana Potions with Alchemy. For those Healers that haven’t tried to level their

TERA Online: Guide to Campfires

written by Grooguz You wouldn't think that a campfire could be an integral part of a game, but in Tera Online, it is. They are mostly used in the out-of-combat experience of the game. There are campfires all around the world

Path of Exile: Auto Potion & Auto Quit AutoHotKey Script

This script uses passive memory reading & keypress sending. It may register as a keylogger with your firewall or anti-virus, however we are including the source code so you can run the script directly to ensure it is not malware.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Unlimited Health – Game Trainer

This small app is meant to be used in single player mode on PC versions of Call of Duty Black Ops II. This trainer (or game hack) will allow you to give yourself Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo on Main Weapon,

SC2: Single Player Trainer for Starcraft 2 v1.3.4

Per Blizzard: That said, players who opt to use any type of 3rd party hacks do so at their own risk -- there are already built-in cheat codes for StarCraft II single-player that can be used safely. Blizzard Entertainment has

Rift Tip

I know you, like me have probably been playing Rift throughout the beta, however I have seen one thing which most people do not seem to realize. When doing the Public Quests, and tearing down rifts, no one seems to

Aion: Game Hack – Display other players’ hit points

Here is a small hack/mod you can use to make HP of players visible ingame. All you have to do is download the file below and unrar it in AionL10N folder.