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wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm | WoW

wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm are a couple plugins for the WoW Bot called wRobot (click here) which will not just server hop automatically, but also mine and herb for you and does so much faster than doing it

Farm Herbs during Ley Race – WoW Cheat

Did you know, you can Farm Herbs during Ley Race? The advantage to this is that you can farm without anyone disturbing you, and that you won't need to dismount while herbing. The main disadvantages are not being able to

ESO ESP Game Hack Download

Why would you want to use a ESO ESP Game Hack? Well to answer, I need to ask a different question. Do you ever wish, that there was a way to see objects, through other objects? For example, a way

WoW: Auto Prospect, Mill, Disenchant, and Open Lockboxes tool

BIMStools is a free program for WoW, designed to automatically Prospect ores, Mill herbs, Disenchant Uncommon, Rare and Epic items and Open Lockboxes. The program is perfect for players who do a lot of processing resources.

Tera: Endless Loot of Herbs, Ore, and Essence nodes

This is a trick which will allow you to neigh endlessly farm the same node every 5-10 seconds. This can be either a mineral or a herb node, and either works great.

WoW: Farm this herb, for huge profits tip

Not only is this herb selling for over 3g each on most servers, it's also a fairly common herb. It's one which can easily be farmed in a short while, using the included farm route map. Use this tip, to

Rift Gathering Trick

This is a little trick, that I learned will make leveling your gathering skills, a bit easier. It's meant for all the gathering skills, except butchering. I am sure you can relate to this situation, trying to get a tin

Runes of Magic: easy Pet Crafting addon

This addon, will allow you to easily get your pet crafting skills up. It auto searches for the correct tool, and will allow you to use for wood, ore, or herb.

WoW: Herb Farming Locations – for gold or inscription/alchemy

First off, here's a vid that was posted 5 months ago, on soloing Freya's Herbs.  It's not a bad way to make some gold/gather herbs, but for VIP members, I am going to share my personal spot which will net

World of Warcraft: Auto Gather Mining, Herb, Cloud Nodes bot

What is gBot? gBot is a simple World of Warcraft gatherbot. It flies around and picks up nodes, herbs and clouds