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BfA Gold Farming Battle for Azeroth – WoW

With Battle for Azeroth set to be released in just days, it's time to look at BfA Gold Farming. Professions do not take as active a role as they did in LEGION, so you're going to want to play it

Farm Herbs during Ley Race – WoW Cheat

Did you know, you can Farm Herbs during Ley Race? The advantage to this is that you can farm without anyone disturbing you, and that you won't need to dismount while herbing. The main disadvantages are not being able to

Secret Gold Video Guide – Earn 1 Million WoW Gold

Hello everyone! Many people have asked me "how do you earn all your gold", so I decided to make this Secret Gold Video Guide, How Earn 1 Million WoW Gold!  I have linked 4 total videos, which make up this Secret Gold

Runes of Magic: Beginner’s Gathering Guide

One of the themes of Runes of Magic involves resource gathering for crafting purposes as well as for purchasing epic powers. Players are able to obtain all resource gathering skills and learn all crafting skills, but they will pick which

WoW: Farm this herb, for huge profits tip

Not only is this herb selling for over 3g each on most servers, it's also a fairly common herb. It's one which can easily be farmed in a short while, using the included farm route map. Use this tip, to

World of Warcraft: Gathering for Gold tip 80-85

If you are planning to level 80-85 and already have Mining and Herbalism, good for you. If you have one, and another profession, take this simple advice for leveling it.

World of Warcraft: Farming in Hyjal

This exploit requires being able to get to Hyjal (No Mans Land Bypass 4.0.3 Getting here with a character with herbalism is better Hi, first post here. I went to Hyjal with the new exploit yesterday, and, after visiting the

Dugi’s Complete Ultimate WoW Guide

We have worked hard to compile the BEST quest order possible, providing you with the correct route that will save you massive amount of time. Doing 3 or more quests at the same time is much better than doing 1 quest at

RoM: Making Gold Tip

In Runes of Magic, there is a tip which will allow you to gain more gold then if you merely level grind and collect items and vendor or AH them.  In RoM, there are 3 gathering skills, much like in

WoW: Herb Farming Locations – for gold or inscription/alchemy

First off, here's a vid that was posted 5 months ago, on soloing Freya's Herbs.  It's not a bad way to make some gold/gather herbs, but for VIP members, I am going to share my personal spot which will net

World of Warcraft: Herbalism Power Leveling guide

This profession is a highly popular choice with beginning players. There are dozens of herbs to farm from and players can often find them just about anywhere. The only problem of course is that the nodes can be just about

WoW: Gold Making Tip – Herbalism

If you have a stash of herbs, go ahead and start getting rid of them. Once Cataclysm is released, and flying is allowed in Old Azeroth, then those same low level herbs will be farmed more extensively.