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Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide

Before I start with this Overwatch 3v3 Mastery Guide, let me clarify that skill in the original 6v6 games does not fully translate into success in Ecopoint: Antarctica. While skill on a hero does move from map to map, communication

Best Offlane Heroes – Dota 2

Before we go over the Best Offlane Heroes, let's go over exactly what Offlane actually means. The offlane is the lane where the creeps are the furthest removed from your tower, and much closer to the enemy tower. Radiant offlane is top

Fast Gold Farming method – HotS

This Fast Gold Farming method is for Heroes of the Storm (HotS), and allows you to pick up the maximum amount of gold in as little time as possible. Heroes of the Storm is not just about winning the individual match,

Your HotS Role – Heroes of the Storm

Your HotS Role, is determined by which class you play. In Heroes of the Storm, you can play as a Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Support, Specialist, or Warrior (Tank). As far as an actual engagement goes, team fights aren’t won

HotS Sonya Guide

I’ve created a detailed HotS Sonya Guide to help you get the most out of the hero, Sonya. For those new to Heroes of the Storm or veteran players looking to brush up on their Sonya skills or even looking for

LOL: How to play Nami as Support

Regardless of what is said in the video, support is one of my favorite roles to play. Not only is it a damage dealer, but also because healing your team is a vital part of your team's success. When you

Marvel Heroes: Rested Experience Guide

A number of questions have come up about Rested experience. What is it? How does it work? What does it give me? For anyone familiar with rested XP in other MMO’s (like WoW or Rift), it is very similar.

Marvel Heroes: Gearing Up Information Guide

Gearing in Marvel Heroes is a lot different than most other MMO’s, so it can lead you to be confused about what is the best way to gear your character. This guide will break it down so that you can

Marvel Heroes: Missions for your Hero Alt

In most cases, if you attempt to do the same mission you completed on your main, but on an alt, you won't get the same reward. This list, is a compilation of most of the missions which you can do

League of Legends: When to Build Health, Armor, & Magic Resistance

Building up your hero in League of Legends, is one of the most important aspects. When you build up your hero, you might be tempted to immediately throw on more armor or even magic resistances. This is the wrong thing

LoL: Karthus The Deathsinger

Karthus is a pretty underrated hero to put it lightly. A lot of people out there think Karthus sucks, but Karthus actually owns pretty hard if you know how to use him. I like Karthus personally because of the spammability

League of Legends: About the Hero – Karma, the Enlightened One

Karma is one of the best support heroes in the game, when paired with a good carry the two can take out multiple enemies. When she is alone she cannot do much but harass and escape. You want to stack

League of Legends: High ELO Gameplay Tips

Getting better at League of Legends, is actually fairly easy, if you follow these 4 tips. These tips, will help you to achieve a High ELO. Take into account Map Awareness, Wards, learning from your mistakes, and even from others.

League of Legends: Choosing the best build for your heroes

Rather then writing up a build and presenting it to you, I decided to share with you a way to see what the top builds are, from people like you, voting on them. This usually entails someone trying the build,

Evony: Tips for Building Heroes Super Fast

Here are a couple tips which can be used to raise your heroes experience through the roof, within 24 hours. Watch the video below to learn how to raise a political hero's experience 20+ levels within 24 hours.

Crusade of Destiny RPG for Android

Crusade of Destiny Someone has finally brought a nice RPG, to the Android phone.  It's not an epic RPG, but it is on the road to making the Android, a more viable gaming platform. Crusades of Destiny, is a rather

Evony Age 1 – Instant Armies guide

Today I will discuss what attack level your hero has to be, in order to build Instant Troops. By instant, I mean that you can build troops in "zero" seconds. For example, let's say you want to queue 20k warriors they will

Evony: Basic Knowledge about Heroes guide

Basic Knowledge about Heroes written by DeeWee Heroes are what will run and defend your city plus lead your attacks. Running your city, heroes will boost the resource production and other workings within your city, on attacks they will make the

Evony: Trade your Attack Hero, to a friend with 100k Prestige

As most of you Evony fans out there know, trading or persuading heroes can be pretty hard, simply because of the fact you don't have enough of the required medals or even the title to do so. Well now there

Evony, Age 2 Tip: Hero Attributes; Speed, Energy, Leadership

The definition of Speed, Energy, and Leadership, and how they apply to your Age 2 Evony Hero, is a needed  information base, when it comes to attacking your enemies and NPCs.

Evony: Basic Combat guide

written by brlamc This guide explains how combat works in the MMO browser game Evony. Learn how the barracks, map, rally point, and hero units can help you in battle. Evony Combat Basics Combat in Evony is text based, so you don’t actually