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Hide Underground Mounted cheat – WoW

Any flying mount will allow you to Hide Underground Mounted. This can be especially fun in World PVP, as you won't be seen by anyone. However, there are of course some drawbacks. For example, you can still be targeted, even though

FarCry: Hidden Signature Weapon Unlocks Guide

The weapons available in stores and vending machines in Far Cry 3 offer quite a punch, but they just aren’t enough if you want a 5-star rated weapon. There are a set of signature hidden weapons in the game, which

World of Tanks: Artillery Hiding Spot – Mountain Pass

Sometimes the most coveted spots in World of Tanks, are the artillery hiding spots. In this image at Mountain Pass SE, we show a great spot to hide, in part because it's difficult to get there, and also because once

Battle Pirates: Stop being griefed while mining

It's an annoying thing, being farmed while you're mining. Or worse, when you're almost done filling up on a resource after mining for the last hour or so. However it does happen. Sometimes your enemy even knows that you are

Battle Pirates: Hiding Resources from superior forces

This might come as a shock, but I found a way to hide resources. It isn't perfect, and there seems to be an exchange rate in it, but utilizing this method, you will be able to hide resources from that enemy who

Rift: Butchering 1-300

First off, you will need to find your trainer, and train the skill, this is an obvious concept of course. This is one of those skills however, that you want to pick up at a low level. Sure, you can

World of Tanks: The art of hiding and camouflage

Some people are really good at hiding, and it's an art to be sure. There are however some tips and tricks, which will make you a better hider, like the top playing tank destroyers out there which garner 4-7 kills

Rift: Possible PvP hiding spot, in enemy towns

I am not really sure if this would work well or not, but it's a little hiding spot I found, which can be used to hide or even go afk, from the enemy on PvP Servers.

World of Tanks: How to use Camouflage Effectively

I suppose the question you will first ask, is what is Camouflage? In actual war time situations, it's use is used by painting a tank, covering it with branches from local flora, and even the fatigues that the men wear.

World of Warcraft: WoW Skinning Guide, 1-450

In World of Warcraft, the Skinning profession enables players to skin the corpses of certain mobs to obtain various kinds of leather, hide, scales, and fur. These items can be used by Leather Workers to create armor, bags, and other

Aion: Be the only crafter in the room

This is great for pixel bots that require clear line of sight to click on NPCs or to use to clear the room and make it easier to see your goals.

Evony: Hiding Resources from your enemies guide

There are two ways to hide resources. The first is very simple,you send them elsewhere. The easiest way, is to send your resources to a highly defended city. There are, however 2 other options. If you