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Write an Essay in One Night – How To Guide

Have you ever asked yourself ‘how do I write an essay in one night, if that’s all I have left?’ We have the answer! Read the article and get to know how to turn it into reality. Write an Essay

Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams

I have seen these Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams, and it’s time to shed some light on them. If you are someone who likes Hulu Plus or Netflix (I do!), then you might have tried searching for an alternative

WoW: The Scam of Buying time from a RAF account

So if you Refer-a-Friend, and they purchase a subscription and add full keys to the account, then you in turn get 30 days of play time. Perhaps you’ve heard of this? People sell the 30 days worth of time, and

NeverWinter: Healing Teammates

I saw this question elsewhere, and thought this would be a good topic to cover. How do you heal a teammate? If you are new to MMOs, but not new to Dungeons and Dragons, it might come as a surprise

PlanetSide 2: Infiltrator Lone Sniper Guide

 written by ShadowTheHedgehog Originally, I thought that the Light or Heavy Assault classes were best for me. I tried using Infiltrator several times, but I felt like it was WAY too hard to play for WAY too little reward. That

Defiance: Information, Synopsis, Links, and Fact Sheet

Defiance, the game is set to be released in April 2nd, 2013 with the TV show following two weeks later on the 15th. It’s a cross-venture between the SyFy channel and Trion Worlds, and can be played simultaneously by gamers

GW2: How to recruit new members to your guild

Some of us want our own guild or maybe have a leading role in the guild. Maybe you’re leader of a guild, a high ranked officer or just want your guild to grow and get bigger, better and have more

Diablo 3: How to Shill Bid and it’s Consequences

Shill Bids are when someone tries to find out your maximum bid. They do this using an exploit in the proxy bid system. It’s not foolproof, but will allow a seller with the help of a friend to raise your

Skyrim-Dragonborn: How to get the new Dragon Aspect shout

There is one shout in particular that is worth notice, and that is the all-new Dragon Aspect shout. A shout is kind of like a war cry, in which it offers a buff for a time, to increase your armor,

Black Ops 2: How To Build Zombie Shield in Tranzit

The zombie shield in CoD Black Ops 2 is a useful tool for protecting yourself against zombie attacks. It has limited durability unfortunately, and you don’t earn any points, but it can still take a fair amount of punishment.  Page

Elder Scroll’s Skyrim: How to make an in-game helm, come to life

Helm of Yngol brought to life Wouldn’t it be cool, if you could simply ask someone to make you a helmet or armor from any game, and then… well… have it in a few weeks?  Volpin Props actually did that

Diablo 3: 1 person item Dupe Bug

It’s come to light that there might be a dupe bug floating around. It’s a matter not only of being persistent, but dedicated. This particular version does NOT need another person to achieve, but that doesn’t mean you should share

TSW: How to Claim pre-order items

While the store is currently down due to the high amounts of traffic, this will teach you how to claim your pre-order items which came with your purchase, such as the cat or T-Shirts, etc. To Claim pre-order items: Select

WoW: How to get to the Crocolisk under Dalaran

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WoW: Dark, Emerald, Crimson, Azure Whelping Farmers Guide

This is a guide on how to get all the world rare drop Whelpling. This includes the Dark, the Emerald, The Crimson and the Azure whelping companion pets. Page Views: 3

Dragon Nest – Video: How to make lots of Gold

Page Views: 4

Allods Online: How to solo the Last Boss on Silent Isle

This is a video by a friend of mine who plays Allods Online, showing how to defeat the last boss in Silent Isle. As you can see it’s a matter of kiting the boss. He also used his bear to

Rift: In-Depth guide to Tanking

written by Elicas@TT From: Tank Telara Intro to Tanking This guide shouldn’t hold too much any current min-maxers in other MMO’s do not already know, and is more of a repository of knowledge for nearly 10 years of MMO tanking

Starcraft 2: Terran Mule Guide

A Mule is a advance gathering unit which you summon down from your Orbital Command Center. They cost 50 energy and last for 90 seconds, over the course of the 90 second they are able to gather 260 – 300

How To: Overclocking Guide

Overclocking can boost your computer’s performance significantly, and if you’re careful not to push your equipment too far, the only cost is your time. If you haphazardly crank up all your settings, however, you may indeed end up paying for

Starcraft 2: Zerg vs Terran defend against Siege Tanks/Thors

Defending The Early Thor w/ SCV Push written by Taerix As a Zerg player you probably know that your role is largely reactionary. If your opponent never attacks you, you should expand and make tons of Drones and constantly be


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