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Hunter Weapon Guide – Albion Online

You need this Hunter Weapon Guide, to understand your chosen class, since there are no classes in Albion Online. All abilities are provided by weapons and gear that you equip. So, if you want to be a bow fighter, equip

Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose – WoW Hunter Pet Guide

In this WoW Hunter Pet Guide, we'll teach you how to Obtain Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose. If you're a hunter and enjoy finding rare pets to tame, then Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose should be on your list. There is only one

Attack While Camoflaged – Hunter Pet Exploit – WoW

Attack While Camoflaged - Hunter Pet Exploit

Here's a neat little exploit which will allow your pet to attack while camoflaged, which won't pull you out of camoflage. The effect is short lived, but should be enough for you to pull some interesting tactics on your victim.

Hunter PVP Trick – Cornered 50% Damage Boost

Hunter Cornered 50% Damage Boost PVP Trick

To do the Hunter PVP Trick - Cornered 50% Damage Boost, you need to understand one thing. You should never do this at low levels, because your pet can die with very little health, which causes your pet to be

Warlords of Draenor Hunter Guide

Warlords of Draenor Hunter Guide

As WoW has changed, so has the Hunter. This Warlords of Draenor Hunter Guide was updated to include changes to the hunter including new skills, new builds, new weapons, and new armor suggestions. If you're still playing World of Warcraft and

Hunter PvP Invulnerability trick – World of Warcraft

At any time, being able to take no damage for a time can easily make the difference between a win and a loss in PvP. this trick will give your Hunter PvP Invulnerability for 12 seconds. it's just a matter of

WoW: Redirect Threat to Pet for upto 30 Seconds

Normally when you play a hunter in WoW, Misdirection will transfer the threat you generate for 4 seconds to your pet, after your first damaging ability. With this exploit, you can transfer all your threat for up to 30 seconds.

WoW 4.3.4 Emulator: Hunter’s Bot Advanced Tele/Speedhack Program

This is the final release of Pinny's Hunter Bot for WoW v4.3.4. This is meant for an emulator ONLY. Use of this on an official server may get you banned. Use at your own risk.

Runescape: 99 Hunters Guide – Get your skill-cape

In this guide I will teach you the fastest way to get 99 hunter in Runescape. Hunter is known to be as one of the easiest skill capes to get in Runescape and it can also be quite profitable. If

WoW: Easier Ahoo’ru (Brawlers Guild Rank9 4/4 Boss)

This is a cheat which will allow you to take down the 4/4 boss Ahoo'ru in Rank 9 of the Brawler's Guild. This is confirmed working with the following Classes; Hunter, Warrior, and Shaman. Any other class needs to be checked/verified/tested.

PlanetSide 2: Infiltrator Lone Sniper Guide

 written by ShadowTheHedgehog Originally, I thought that the Light or Heavy Assault classes were best for me. I tried using Infiltrator several times, but I felt like it was WAY too hard to play for WAY too little reward. That

WoW: How to tame Gummi the Porcupine Spirit Beast

Taming Gumi is the most difficult taming challenge I’ve ever experienced playing a hunter. Those of you that solo-tamed King Krush back in WotLK…that was nothing compared to trying to wrangle this mob. Deth’tilac…pffft! Not even in the same league.

WoW: Video Diary – How not to PvP

A video diary of 3 English blokes as they play WoW. Here are their first 3 episodes on How Not to PvP, and their lessons as they learn how to properly PvP in WoW. They start in Battlegrounds, and then

World of Warcraft: Tame Buffed Pets with Hunter – Keep buffs

This cheat will allow you to tame a pet which has an active buff, including those which have auras that present different colors or do special damaging attacks. WARNING: This has a severe potential for abuse, as with any buffed-pet

Runescape: 1-99 Hunter Guide – Achieve the Hunter Cape

This guide will tell you the fastest way to get 99 hunter in Runescape, without botting. The Hunter is known to be as one of the easiest skillcapes to get on Runescape and it can also be quite profitable so

WoW: Skillcapped Class Guides – Videos only

These are some of the Skillcapped Class video guides. What is skill capped? Lets let them tell you... "Whether you are brand new to World of Warcraft or a seasoned arena veteran, our comprehensive training library of videos and articles

World of Warcraft: Bubble Hearth trick

This trick can actually allow a Paladin, Hunter, or other class to Bubble Hearth - while in combat. You will need the skill Archaeology as well as the ability or an item which will allow you to not be hit

World of Tanks: Setting the Wounded Animal Trap

My son likes to play World of Tanks. You can even blame him for all the guides I have been writing lately. I tell him this, I tell him that... then realize I should be telling YOU this information as

Lotro Lookout: The SUPER edition

Looks like this will be a SUPER weekend at Lotro, most of the extras seem to be as a payback/compensation for the Sunday January 30, 2011 downtime and the rollback that the fix entailed... Found some info, laughs, and an

World of Warcraft: Rare Cataclysm Pets

Cataclysm Rare and Rare Elite Monsters (with the help of Simca) In Cataclysm, there are the standard rare spawns like there have always been. They drop blues and some additional gold and there are quite a few in every zone. However,

Lord of the Rings Online: eBook Class and Gold Guides

The ultimate class and gold guides for Lord of the Rings Online, in a handy offline pdf format. Read up on how to take the best advantage of your class and how to farm gold, while you're at it. Guides