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Speed Leveling Items – Battle for Azeroth

It's time to provide a list of Speed Leveling Items with World of Warcraft's newest expansion Battle of Azeroth soon to be released. These items will help you to level up with minor experience boosts, health regeneration, speed boosts, and

ilvl Raising Quick Tip – WoW

Here is a really Quick ilvl Raising Tip, for anyone who is a newly leveled 100, and needs a high level item to start raising their ilvl to either join raids, pugs, or even for better pvp gear ratings in World

Temporarily Raise ilvl – WoW

There might be times when you need to Temporarily Raise ilvl in WoW. This might be because you just joined a LFR or LFG queue, and need to ensure that you have the proper ilvl to qualify, or it might be

World of Warcraft: oQueue Addon exploit for Arena Premades

First, you need oQueue. You can get it here. It's a social addon which people use cross-shard to create pre-mades with others, and can allow them to check stats as well as get an idea of their win and loss

WoW: Easy Free Arena wins – Farming Conquest points for ilvl496 gear

This method is not new for some but some people who never did arenas in 5.3, have missed it for sure! With the changed mechanic for conquest points weekly cap, there are many people buying/selling 2v2 arena cap on every

WoW: Gear Score (GS), what is it, how do I get mine?

written by Benjamin Sell of brighthub. With addendum by Spitt Practically anyone who's ever attempted to jump into a raid or even a heroic instance in World of Warcraft has at one time encountered the dreaded gear score requirement. Some raid