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Gzuzware Auto-Injector – CSGO

Gzuzware Auto-Injector is a dll injector created to be used with CounterStrike Global Offensive. Up until very recently, it was a private injector, so at this point in time, its undetectable. However taking precautions is always a good thing. This

Xenos Injector v2.0 – DLL Injector x86/x64

Xenos Injector v2.0 is a DLL Injector, which will insert into memory which ever dll game hack you have, for which ever game. The nice thing about using a DLL Injector, instead of a stand-alone game hack, is being able

Game Hack Injector – Windows 10

We like to put up 3rd party Game Hack Injector's when we can. An injector allows you to insert a dll file, into a game's memory. This is especially useful when a game hacker creates a game hack and only provides

.NET Injector Tool Free Download

Why do you need a .NET Injector tool? If you don't know how hard it is to inject code into a .NET application, then you probably won't appreciate this .NET Injector tool. But if you don't know how, and need to,

Memory Hacking Tool: DLL Injector

In order to make hacks for games, you have to edit the memory of the game in some way. For some games, you even have to copy the game to an unprotected memory location (as with Blizzard games). However this

Starcraft 2: Game Hackers Toolbox

If you want to see what Starcraft 2 has to offer, and you want to figure out what you will be able to do in the game, or plan to make your own game hack, then this list is essential

Starcraft 2: Money Maker – Turns any map into a money map

This is an injector & game hack which will make all the minerals and gas to go to 100,000. Also included, is the source code to the Starcraft II hack and injector.