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Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts

Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts is a long arduous process, but it is possible. For all intents and purposes, the numbers for Lucky Day, do not add up. That doesn't mean you can't cash out with real money. It just

Mini Golf King Tips – Earn Better Rewards

Do you like miniature golf, and it's challenges? If might be time to check out these Mini Golf King Tips, if you're playing this app on your mobile device. I have to admit, at first, I was a bit miffed, until

Farm Food & Gold AFK DomiNations Cheat

Wouldn't you love to be able to Farm Food & Gold AFK  in DomiNations? Imagine going on a vacation for a few days, and continuously farming food and gold, so that when you came back, your larders were full. Best

PokeGO++ 2.0 for iPhones Download

PokeGO++ 2.0 for iPhones has been released. It has been updated to 2.0r-06 for the latest Pogo version 0.53.1. It works with and without a Jailbroken iPhone (see separate instructions). However to get this to work on your device, you also need a

DomiNations Tips – Raiding and Defending Guide

I decided to write this DomiNations Tips - Raiding & Defending Guide, as I have been playing this game and while no expert, there are tactics I can share which will help you dominate those in other alliances. Leveling comes

MyVegas Facebook on Mobile

Puffin Web Browser

If you want to play MyVegas Facebook on Mobile natively on your Android or iPhone, there are a couple ways to do this. The first way, is to use some kind of Remote Admin Tool (aka RAT) which will allow you to

Free iPhone iPad Apps & Games Aug 2

Here is a set of Free iPhone iPad Apps & Games that are free today only. Please keep in mind, that the prices can change at any time, and that you should ensure that the price is $0, before "purchase". 

Secure your iOS device

Secure your iOS device

How to Secure your iOS device? If you're using one of the estimated 600 million iOS devices around the world, which includes iPad, iPhone, iAnything, you might be surprised to hear that your device isn't actually secure. This is because

Candy Crush Saga: Strategy Guide

Candy Crush Saga isn't the same match-3 puzzle game, similar to all the other games out there, like Bejeweled. Instead, it is a strategy player’s game. While the goal is very similar to other gem-matching games, it forces players to

Daily Deal: Recharge your iPhone, iPod, Cell Phone on-the-go

I have seen several recharging on the go options for iPhones and iPods, and of course their respective versions of media players and cell phones, but they all require you to charge them ahead of time, and it simply acts

Draw Something Cheats & Tips

I started playing Draw Something with my wife, and it's been fun. But as I was playing, I started to realize a couple cheats. One of them will allow you change your words you can draw, without paying with bombs.

Mobile Phone Security Warning

I received some disturbing news via my antivirus program. It's about malware on your phone. You see, on average, 25% have passwords on their phones. This is disturbing because if you lose your phone, then you lose access to everything

iPhone or Android games stopped working?

Here's a quick tip for those of you who play social games like I do. Its for those of you who have had a game stop working on you, or one which you are no longer able to see your

Tool: Teamviewer – SWTOR in the Whitehouse

Someone took some pictures in the Whitehouse, showing the person playing SWTOR on their iPhone. Now mind you, playing anything via Teamviewer is laggy at best, I mean we're talking 3-5FPS if you're lucky. But it can be used to

Battle.net: Mobile Authenticator, without the Mobile phone

If you play WoW, Diablo 3, or even Starcraft 2, then this might interest you. It seems you don't need to have an android/iphone nor even a physical authenticator, if you use this app for Windows. This not only saves

SWTOR: Remote Skill Leveling via iPhone/Android

This video guide was made for the iPhone/iPad however similar software is available for Android users (see below). Since EveryAir is gone, you can use CrazyRemote for the iPad/iPhone. Optionally, you can also use TeamViewer - there are both free

Hack your iPhone, install iOS5 today

OMG! Someone already hacked iOS 5, a day after release, and now the world will be also able to upgrade to iOS 5 on their iPhone. They can do it until this bug is fixed anyways. So read the article

Isk’s a crying shame….

Sometimes it feels like..... I’m not one for rants (sure uh huh) but it’s been a rough couple of weeks here Being basically a disabled shut in, my computer is my link to the world, (can’t afford tv and pc)

TOTALLY offtopic: Roman Catholic Church Confession app for iPhone

I was doing my daily browse in one of my favorite forums about ereaders/ebooks and came across: iTunes salvation: Roman Catholic Church approves Confession app http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120657 http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/08/itunes-salvation-roman-catholic-church-approves-confession-app/#commentsAre if you have an ereader or are planning to get one you should

Turn an iPod Touch, into an iPhone

I know, this isn't game related at all, but I found this extremely interesting.  It turns out there is a kit to make your iPod Touch, turn into an iPhone - in that it can allow you to make phone

StarCraft 2: Gameboard- Brings StarCraft II to iOS 4 iPhone 4 & iPad

Gameboard- Brings StarCraft II to iOS 4 iPhone 4 and iPad StarCraft II requires huge amount of hardware for displaying killer graphics and is almost impossible to port the game on iPhone, iPad or Mac. But now StarCraft 2 to