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Overwatch Jump Exploration Tricks

Some of the characters you can play have some Overwatch Jump Exploration Tricks that you can perform, with the usage of some of your weapons. I think my favorite is the use of a rocket launcher, but here are several you

SWTOR: Unconfirmed Jump Exploit

This is an unconfirmed jump exploit which supposedly will allow you to jump higher then normal. All it takes is to look up, right when you jump. When you do that it will allow you to jump, higher. Check out

EQ2 Predator Vision + Feather Fall game hack

Perhaps you recall scenes from Predator movies where they flip through different types of vision? This simple trainer let's you do that in EQ2!  As an added bonus I've also granted the ability to enable feather fall, long jumping or

Minecraft v1.8.1 Single Player Hacks

This is a set up Single Player Hacks, which you can use for yourself. note that this will not work on multi-player worlds, however we are sure you will have lots of fun with these new commands! 🙂 Normal Commands

EVE Online: Voice Communications in PvP

Voice Communication in PvP Voice communications is an invaluable resource for a fleet. It allows you to act and react faster than the enemy. Good disciplined comms lets the Hydra Fleet to maximize its effectiveness because the FC (Fleet Commander) can coordinate

Warhammer: Fly/Super Jump Game Hack

Warhammer's BugCraft is a free (for now) game hack, which has some features which will allow you to have fun, and to farm gold more easily in Warhammer Online.  It is a game hack, so precautions should be taken, such