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Connecting Keyboard Mouse Console Tutorial

When it comes to this Connecting Keyboard Mouse Console Tutorial, there is such a small line between console gaming and computer gaming, in large part to XBoxOne and Windows 10 being owned by Microsoft. That line is getting so small,

Archeage 4 Button Spammer Macro

ProClicker AutoClick Macro Source

This Archeage 4 Button Spammer Macro was created to allow you to spam 4 different skills over and over. You will put them on the first 4 slots in your toolbar, so that the macro will be able to launch these

World of Warplanes: Beginners Guide

Fans of World of Tanks may fall in love with World of Warplanes. It's afterall by the same company, Wargaming. However there are some huge differences including that of having an additional dimension to worry about, which is the air

Guild Wars 2: UI / Skill bar / Keyboard & Mouse Commands

Everything you might want to know about Guild Wars 2's Graphical User Interface (GUI), Skills Bars, Keyboards, and Mouse Commands, in accordance to the game while it's in Beta. This information was compiled by Tom Riddle

SWTOR: No Bots For you!

It's been made official, that the use of any and all macros will not be tolerated by Bioware in their game StarWars The Old Republic. However it should also be noted, that Bioware has no problem whatsoever with you paying

Rift Video: Taugrim teaches Strafing, Movement, and Keybindings

This is a video by Taugrim, which explains how to strafe in combat, setting up your keybindings, as well as movement. It will allow you to better control your opponent in PvP, as well as to kite mobs, keeping maximum

Lotro: Alternative G15 / G19 LCD App

Written by Vindalfur of Brandywine LotroLCD is an attempt to use the LCD on the Logitech G15/G19 keyboards for something useful while playing LOTRO. The default applet from Turbine only displays redundant information and is hence quite useless. As far