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Leaderboard Rank Trick – Agario

The Leaderboard Rank Trick, will make a poor player, or a player who cannot play often, rank higher on the Leaderboards. Now, the benefit of opening potions is you get more skins, and the in-game currency, referred to as DNA.

Titanfall Generations Prestige Ranking System

Titanfall Generations Ranks

Titanfall’s ranking system will be known as “generations”. With Titanfall Generations Prestige Ranking System, when you level up to a new rank, all your challenges will be reset. This is both good and bad, because whatever achievements you gained, will

Modern Warfare 3 – How to Rank up Fast!

Everyone wants to see their names up on the MW3 Leaderboard, or at least sit a little higher than those on their friends list. MW3 was released with 80 levels before you prestige, and 10 prestiges, plus rumored continued gameplay after