Automatic WoW Server Creation Script

Automatic WoW Server Creation ScriptThis Automatic WoW Server Creation Script will do a few things for you automatically, but namely to install your own WoW server on a Linux or Ubuntu system. The upside to this, is that once you install it, you can play on your own system and invite friends to play, with minimal effort on your part.

Automatic WoW Server Creation Script

You will need the following in order to run this Automatic WoW Server Creation Script:

  • An Ubuntu or Linux system - We recommend DediSeed handles unlimited traffic!
    • This can be a homebrew (just you playing) system or hosted elsewhere (you and some friends).
  • MySQL Database
  • Shell (aka SSH) access
  • Internet access (if you're reading this, that's already there.

This Automatic WoW Server Creation Script will download the latest source from Github, build it, and then install it - with minimal effort from you. MYSQL database management is not included. SQL databases will be installed into /opt/GAME/sql/ (excluding Cata, Mop, and Legion, these need to be downloaded manually. The script includes the link to download them). The script also downloads all dependencies needed on Ubuntu. The package names will most likely be named different for different distributions.

Download Automatic WoW Server Creation Script

Installation:  Save this script on your system and then run with sudo ./wow-script.txt

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).

Automatic WoW Server Creation Script created by Knuxyl 

Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit 2x Damage – WoW Cheat

Rogue Stealth Attack ExploitThis new Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit will allow you to stay stealthed for about 20 seconds after your first attack, thus ensuring that all of your attacks will crit when attacking giving you Double Unblockable Damage.

Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit

In order to get this to work, you will need the Subterfuge talent, be stealthed, and be ready to do some serious @$$ wooping! The rest will be easy to seriously harm and possibly kill your enemies, unless they can realize whats happening and throw up some kind of damage shield in time. It's not blockable otherwise, and a CC will not break your stealth.

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WARNING: The Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit which gives you Double Unblockable Damage, is a known cheat and will likely be fixed in the next patch. Use at your own risk.

WoW Pixel Fishbot

With this WoW Pixel Fishbot, it is unlike most of the fishbots out there, this one works simply by detecting pixels - but only on Windows based computers. The difference is the set of tools used. It's however highly accurate and works on ALL versions of WoW - even emulated servers, and even at any location be it light or dark, with only a few simple changes to the bot settings itself, once the initial setup is complete.

WoW Pixel Fishbot

So I mentioned this WoW Pixel Fishbot is a pixelbot. Instead of searching for a splash, we search for a sound. I know this sounds a bit weird, but if you plan on fishing for any length of time, it will work better then any other pixelbot - with virtually no misses. 

Best of all, since this WoW Pixel Fishbot is a pixelbot, it's not detectable. It does not interact with the game, except to press keys, so Blizzard will not be able to detect it directly.

You will need to setup an in-game macro in order to use this. 

/run for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, 16, 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,"YOUR LURE") then UseContainerItem(bag,slot); PickupInventoryItem(16); end; end; end

Simply replace "YOUR LURE" and set that macro as number 2 on your quick slots. Additionally, we will have the following commands for the WoW Pixel Fishbot:

  • Pause = Ctrl + p
  • Start = Ctrl + s
  • Fishing Time = 30 Seconds
  • Lure Time = 10 Minutes

Next, setup the sound in-game, following the image below.

ingame-sound-settings for WoW Pixel Fishbot

Now comes the fun part, setting up the pixels. There are 4 different pixels to setup. Use the following video to complete setting up the WoW Pixel Fishbot.

It's important that you are not in a noisy area nor have a pet out. (If your WoW soundbar moves much it won't work.)

Download WoW Pixel Fishbot

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


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Mythics Guide with Tips – WoW LEGION

In this Mythics Guide with Tips for WoW LEGIONMythics Guide with Tips, we hope to cover the basics you need to know about Mythics plus some advanced tips which will help you to complete them a bit easier. These days, what with all the nerfs, it seems like a lot of people are currently doing Mythics. This is both for the nice drops but also the amazing piece you get at the end of the week. I will share some of my tips for the various dungeons and how to handle them. I will try to avoid commenting on routing because that is very hard to do in text and honestly most routes work as long as you don't do stupid pulls, you only need to start optimizing on +10.

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Mythics Guide with Tips

Mythics Guide General Tips: Affixes:

Below is a list of all the affixes and where to get them as well as some tips on how to deal with them and which classes/specs are particularly good against them.

mythics-1At the moment, there are 10 Affixes which are combined semi-randomly (ie not every combination is possible, there are some pre-sets). On the Beta, these were the various combinations (the 3 we have had in the last week are in line with them) 

Please keep in mind that my ratings are incredibly subjective based on how difficult they were for me and my groups, not how much time they cost us.

At level 4 (+3 Keystone) Mythics Guide

Bolstering - Non-boss enemies will buff nearby allies' health and damage by 20% when defeated. - Difficulty: Easy

The health % that is given is a percentage of current health of the mob, because of this your best recourse here is to pull small packs (~4 mobs max) and AOE them down evenly and then call over voice coms to dps them down at the same time, thus avoiding a lot of the extra health. The +20% damage on the mobs is nearly negligible since that only happens when other mobs die, so the total damage is actually relatively stable. All specs with high AOE work here, preferably DH's, DK's, Mages, Monks etc. All summoned guardians and boss minions don't give Bolstering, though pulling adds with bolstering to the boss causes the boss to be bolstered. Bollstering has 40 yard range and everything that is in combat with the group will receive the buff.

Raging - Non-boss enemies will enrage at low health, dealing double damage until killed. - Difficulty: Medium

On this affix you need to make sure that you save your AOE stuns until mobs start hitting 30% and then chain stun them until they are either dead or until you run out of stuns, at which point your tank needs to start kiting. You need a tank which can easily get out of fights and kite if needed: warriors, dh's & monks (as well as druids who spec displacer beast) are good at this.

Sanguine – Shortly after death, non-boss enemies will leave a pool of blood on the ground, which grows to a 5yd radius over 2 seconds. This pool heals enemies and damages players for a % of their maximum health. -Haven't seen this one

I personally haven't seen this one but it looks fairly easy on paper, just don't pull too big packs and make sure to interrupt casters who are standing in pools. Not all mobs drop pools but most do, this can be hard in dungeons with little space like DHT or BRH. Reports from NA players who had this claim it is super easy

Teeming - Additional non-boss enemies are present throughout the dungeon; kill count requirement increased. - Difficulty: Medium

This one is very dungeon, dependent, for example it makes Nelth Lair from one of the easier dungeons into one of the harder ones, can't really give any specific tips besides the idea that the more AOE you bring the easier this is, since generally packs will be pretty huge.

At level 7 (+8 Keystone) Mythics Guide

Overflowing - Every time a healer (doesn't affect tanks/dps) uses a heal that heals over the maximum health of a player, that heal is instead turned into an absorb shield which will adsorb the next heal for an amount equal to the over heal - Easy

Basically this is insanely easy and will come natural to any healer who is doing what he is supposed to (especially as a shaman), worst case scenario is that you hit an unexpected crit on a major healing ability and then you randomly have a 1+ million debuff on someone. Druids and resto shamans can pretty much completely ignore this.

Necrotic - Enemy melee attacks apply a stacking debuff that deals damage and reduces healing received.- Difficulty: hard

This is one of the hardest affixes to get, especially since there are a lot of dungeons which have insanely big packs (EOA, BRH amongst others) which stack this stuff up absurdly fast. The best way to deal with this is to save AOE stuns until the tank gets over ~15 stacks and if the mobs aren't dead by the time stuns are over the tank should kite, same preferred tanks as on enraging.

Skittish - Tanks generate much less threat. - Difficulty: medium

Be careful with using all your burst up front because losing agro is a very real concern. The best way to deal with this is to not bring any melee (sorry guys) since they are a lot less prone to being 1-shot. Besides that, tanks with high damage (DH, Paladin) are very good because they keep a lot higher threat and therefore it is harder for players to steal their aggro. Hunters/rogues can also help with tricks/MD.

Volcanic - Enemies cause eruptions of flame beneath the feet of distant players. - Haven't seen this one

I personally haven't seen this one but I guess the best idea is to just stack on mobs that don't cleave and dance on once that do.

At level 10 (+9 Keystone) Mythics Guide

Fortified - Non-bosses have significantly more health and damage, 20% more damage and 40%- Haven't seen this one

This essentially makes trash a lot harder, which I would imagine is far worse than tyrannical (except on some specific bosses) since doing trash effectively is the key to completing any 10+ dungeon within the time limit.

Tyrannical - Bosses have significantly more health and damage. - Hard

Basically this turns every single avoidable boss damage into a 1-shot and it makes you spend significantly more time on bosses, also makes some bosses insanely difficult while others pretty much remain the ''don't stand in shit'' fest and you are fine. If you are in a dungeon where bosses have soft enrage timers (EOA, BRH, CoS, DHT, VoW) it is probably worth it to bring an extra single target dps or have people take more single targets as opposed to the usual heavy AOE focus.

Besides affixes, every extra level of dungeon increases mobs health/damage by +8%. I don't personally know which level of dungeon gives which ilevel gear both in drops and in the chest at the end of the week, if anyone knows an updated table feel free to link it here.

Mythics Guide Group building:

You can do up until +9 with pretty much every class/spec as long as you are a good player. However if you wish to do +2 or even +3 chests or complete +10, you can't stack too many non-AOE/under performing DPS. Having said that, most specs are pretty close to each other in the hands of competent players.

  • Every healer works (my xp is limited on this as I mentioned before, but going off guildies reports)
  • Ideal general setup is 2x ranged 1x melee (for interupts), you can have 2 melees without too many issues but on some dungeons (EOA, CoS, Arcway) it can make life needlesly hard.
  • Have 1 spec with BL (or buy drums)
  • Have as many CR's as you can
  • Have at least 2, preferably 3 classes who can AOE stun (havoc DH, all shamans, all monks, all warriors, Spriest, Hunter and Demo (?) Warlock)
  • Most importantly though: BRING THE PLAYER, NOT THE CLASS, having good players who know how to avoid AOE and know when to focus what mob and who know how to interupt is insanely more important than just stacking 3 DH's because they have theoretical max dps.

Mythics Guide General tips:

  • GET ON VOICE COMS, I can't stress enough how much it helps, if you are pugging this just set up a discord server and have everyone come there so people can at least listen, it helps enormously if people are call out what they are interrupting, stun orders, if healers can ask to drink when oom, coordinating how many packs to pull and telling people to move out of things.
  • Make a general stun order to avoid overlapping stuns
  • Try to leave 1-1.5 secs time in between AOE stuns: your tank won't die during this time and it allows you to interupt casts
  • If there are multiple mobs that need to be interrupted, make sure to mark 1 of them and have people say who they will interupt, either marked or unmarked
  • Focus on interupts, it makes life a lot easier for the healer, as a shaman, make a macro that puts a target on focus and make another macro that windshears your focus target, it helps out on damage prevention a lot
  • Healers can DPS too, especially if dps are careful not to take to much damage, for example I usually do 30-60k dps over the full instance
  • Total dps is everything, make sure to use your DPS cooldowns as often as possible unless you go for multiple packs where you need to stack cd's
  • You can get +2 on everything up until +9 if you just chain pull pack by pack, only for +3 chests do you need to pull multiple packs at once
  • Healers can drink during combat if they started out of it, if your healer is out of mana (OOM) just give him 1 second to drink before pulling the next pack and just AOE stun so he can keep drinking, keep in mind some bosses interrupt drinks
  • You can leave and rejoin the dungeon at any time in case of talent/spec changes or repairs
  • Even if you don't make the time and you are playing with a charged keystone, you will still get loot at the end of the dungeon and it counts towards your chest at the end of the week
  • You can summon people inside, but sometimes they spawn at the entrance to the dungeon (though not always)
  • Currently unsure if completing a dungeon on an already depleted keystone rewards the equivalent chest at the end of the week, would be nice if someone could confirm

Mythics Guide specific dungeon tips:

I will try to give the tips in the order that you encounter them during the instance.

Mythics Guide: Black Rook Hold

  • You can skip the entire trash up until the first boss with invisibility potions, however then you need to make sure to you clear EVERY single other mob in the dungeon to get the required trash counter (including the small pack to the left after coming out of the first boulder roll, the felhunter chasing the little guy & the 2 little guys that don't fight back on the stairs)
  • If you DPS the first boss from 50-15% while the spirits aren't on him, he will automatically cast Soul Burst (the big aoe thing) before the spirits reach him, so you can ignore spirits if your dps is high enough (which it should be with lust up until +7)
  • On +10 Tyrannical, Soul Burst 1-shots people even with 0 stacks, so make sure to pre-pop cooldowns and stack up so your healer can heal you easily
  • The Commanders that cast the %+ HP shout do it right after the slam ability, if you keep interrupting it via stuns/knock backs/disorients you can completely avoid the HP buff
  • The jumping tiger on the patrol between the first and second boss can be made to be a dk's pet, the damage it deals will get scaled down but it is still an upgrade over a normal unholy pet and it allows you to skip an annoying mob if you keep control of him during the entire instance
  • On the second boss you can also target the adds while they are running across the balcony to the boss, making it possible to cc them (insta cc like monk works best, but casted can be done if you time it correctly) thus removing them from the fight for 1 minute.
  • On second boss you can just ignore the adds and burn the boss down when she goes up, as long as you keep focus interrupting the caster so he doesn't get insane stacks it is rather easy
  • The cleaving warbringers in the tight corridor are bugged: even if the tank is out of range/los of them when they start cleaving he can still randomly get one-shotted, make sure that you save stuns/incapacitates for when they try to cast it
  • You can pull the warbringers right before the second boulder stairs away from the rest of the group, which is nice for bolstering.
  • If a hunter MD's the felguards during the gauntlet down and then fd's while the felguards run down and you then pull the felguards away from the stairs, the bat packs wont aggro you and you can kill the first 3 safely
  • Pull the other 3 into the 3rd boss room, he has a fairly small aggro radius and its nice to be able to clump them up
  • On 3rd boss you can use the heirloom trinket to soak every charge when its up because the mob is a demon and the shield is insanely large, on +10 you can have 3 people alternate soaking them with the trinket and it will always be up (it 1-shots without a personal cool down otherwise)
  • The aoe stunning trash between 3rd and 4th boss can be MC'd by a DK and it will still be able to provide a 4-second stun on all the other mobs, this stun doesn't share DR with the player stuns, in combination with the group you can pull all the guards on the stairs at the same time and just chain stun and AOE them down on lower difficulties
  • On last boss make sure to have personals up for the first AOE shadow bolt because it 1-shots on +10
  • Pop lust when the guy turns into a demon, not when you get the extra damage buff, that way you use ~40 secs of your lust of which ~20 secs are buffed, this is the optimal BL window for this boss
  • Move the swarms into the melee, it makes cleaving them a lot easier

If you are going for +1, pop BL on first, second and 4th boss, on +2/3 your timer may be different.

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Mythics Guide: Court of Stars

Take a good look at this map. It is where the various buffs can be found and which classes/races/professions can obtain them. Usually, ~5 of those spawn however the rogue/alchemist 20% insta kill will always spawn.

  • If 4/5 of your group is in the boats (in normal mythic) while the last person activates the keystone, the other 4 will be teleported to the shore instantly instead of having to sit through the boat RP
  • The first mob you meet can be hexed/poly-morphed and then skipped
  • The construct on the bridge can be skipped by going into the water
  • -The first pillar can be deactivated without pulling the pack behind it
  • The long cast that the constructs do can just be ignored, healers can dispel the stun of people
  • All the pillars in the first boss room can be deactivated without pulling the mobs near them
  • Try to avoid fighting the first boss on the bridge because his ground targeted abilities don't show, which can lead to 1-shots
  • Deactivated constructs (if you got those) can still be damaged and killed for mob %, they wont fight back
  • When fighting the mini-bosses that pull the mini-bosses to you (enforcers), make sure to fight them near a place where people can LOS them easily, their debuffs which hurt like fk can be avoided this way
  • Alternatively, the range on the mini bosses's buff on the boss is limited, so one player can kite them (make sure all imp packs are dead) by running around in the area where the enforcers don't patrol
  • DH's and prot paladins (because of their artifact weapon) can cheat and find the demon, however you can only do this after you talked to all the rumourmongers
  • Spamming an ability that deals damage while the infiltrator is turning into a demon causes him to take 40% of his health in damage
  • The charge ability the last boss does will always target a ranged member (not the furthest away) so you can force him to only do it on 1 target (like a mage that can blink away) by stacking on the boss
  • If you go for +1 use BL on first and second boss, if you are on a high % you could use it on last boss as well since he is actually hard for your healer (required ~450k hps on +10)

Mythics Guide: Darkhearth Thicket

  • When going left at the end of the first stretch, you can glitch-jump up a rock and go the rock and end up in the middle of the road, which allows you to skip multiple packs, make sure you stay on the left side of the road though
  • You can pull the 2 bears before first boss separate
  • You can trigger the RP on the first boss while the bears are still alive by walking up to it
  • Make sure to focus down the casters first in the groups of plants
  • You can skip the second pack with a dryad/druid by hexing/polymorphing the dryad that is running around and then walking to the left of them, however combining this with skipping by climbing over the rocks & skipping the water elemental, you will have to pull all packs at the end except for the very last one which you can skip with invis pots.
  • You can always pull the dryads together on a big pull by running into the house
  • You can skip the last water elemental before the dragon boss by letting him path to the left
  • You can use goblin gliders to move quickly down into the root after dragon boss
  • You can skip all the trash between third and 4th boss with an invis pot and you will still have 100% even if you do the aforementioned skips, alternatively you can use ankh or soulstone for that, though it wastes ~40 secs

When going for +1 use BL on first and third boss

Mythics Guide: Eye of Azhara

  • Start off going to the left
  • Make sure to avoid pulling the wranglers because they will do an interruptible AOE which pulls all the turtles
  • Avoid aftershocks on the giant boss
  • You can opt to go straight to serpentis instead of doing the sea witch boss first, since you wont have to bother clearing seagulls and you don't have the wind
  • Be careful of the red makura (big crabs) before Serpentrix because they have a massive frontal cone that can 2-shot people
  • Avoid standing on the cracks in the ground on the giant boss, they 1-shot
  • It takes ~10 secs for the storm to clear after all bosses are dead, don't run in too quickly
  • The mini bosses before the last boss don't give any %
  • The mini bosses can be kited to the next one by using interrupts, except for the third which roots the entire party

Use BL on 1st, 3rd and 5th boss if you are going for +1

Mythics Guide: Halls of Valor

  • All the patrolling mobs in the drinking area can be avoided
  • Be careful for the knockback ability that the valkyry boss does, it deals massive damage to people behind it
  • You can skip all trash except for 2 small packs of wolves on fenrir by dodging the big cows, hexing/polying the one in front of the water and then approaching the first phase of fenrir from behind, make sure to re-hex the cow on your way back
  • You can use the barrels of beer to cause mobs to fight each other, you only need to do that to one of the big guards to have the big gate open to the last boss
  • Start the king mini-bosses of with the second king from the right

Use BL on first, second and 5th boss

Mythics Guide: Maw of Souls

  • First mobs are skip able by jumping up a ledge to the left, would not recommend since they give easy % though
  • Make sure to assign someone to tell where Helya is going to throw shit in p1, it can be decently hard to see

Mythics Guide: Nelth Lair

  • You can skip the 2 big giants by jumping off the waterfall, you can also skip the little pack of 3 mobs standing near it but it is worth pulling for %
  • You can skip all mobs after the waterfall after first boss, but pulling some is recommended for %
  • Try to stun pelters before they can disengage so you can AOE them down more easily
  • You can skip the pack which stands next to the snail race
  • There are 4 basilisks in the water after the snail race that you can grab for easy %, thought there are only 2 up when the WQ is there.
  • Make sure to kill the little snails that are casting metamorphosis before they become big and nasty
  • You can skip some mobs before last boss by walking around them

Mythics Guide: The Arcway

  • Always check which order of doors is open before you start clearing trash, this is different from mythic and it changes weekly
  • Make sure to have a pre-arranged chain interrupt on the big spirits
  • Big spirits spawn randomly and path randomly everywhere, so wiping is very time consuming because you will most likely meet 1-2 spirits
  • You can LOS the spirits to drop their debuff. They'll keep casting, but if you're out of line of sight, you won't get any stacks and they'll drop after 10 seconds.
  • Make sure to kill the spiders that the spider boss spawns asap, if the target of its root gets blink strike he will die
  • When fighting the spider boss, if you go into the cloud that makes your casts 10x longer and insta cast something that gives a buff, that buff lasts 10x longer even when you walk out.
  • Make sure to pull the mobs out of the mana cloud, it gives them a buff
  • Outlaw rogues or priests can mind control Reclaimers to give a massive haste buff
  • Have someone call out the slicer casts of the big mana mobs, it 1-shots

Mythics Guide: Vault of Wardens (I have only done this one a couple of times, so not much experience)

  • Clear all the imps before the first elevator, they give easy% (and don't get buffed by bolster)
  • On the eye boss, ranged should place themselves so that the orbs will go on the boss. This will both help reduce their number (and thus damage on the group) and increase dps on him.
  • After the first spider pack after the second elevator, you can use gliders from the 2nd hole on the ledge to skip the bigger spider packs. If you didn't skip trash earlier, you should have enough% to do so.
  • When the door before Cordana opens (I think it opens after you've killed the Vengeance avatar and the spider girl before it) you can lose the aggro from the other Vengeance avatar by jumping out of the platform before the bridge, you will get teleported up again
  • You can skip 1 of the mini bosses by running back and forth between the 3rd/4th boss using the small corridor
  • Throwing the light on a certain place resets puddles on the last boss
  • If you are stuck on an edge and about to get nailed by a wall, you can jump off the edge and be teleported back up when the wall is gone, however if the entire group does this the boss resets (can also be used to avoid repair costs)

This is all that I have, if you have any tips to add, feel free to type them down and I will add them to the guide.

Mythics Guide with Tips written by Ogremagis aka Hypermode

Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing – WoW Guide

Earn 10k-50k Gold with FishingWith a little flipping, you can Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing. You'll need about 400 in fishing skill to be able to complete this feat. You'll also need a bit of time fishing up your the items you will be flipping for the gold - or you can use the trick listed below...

Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing

This isn't a get rich quick gold farming method, in fact you can figure you're going to fish about 400 casts (use the Legion Fishbot to automate it). The item we're looking for will be exchanged for a pet, which you can learn and then cage for massive profits on the AH. One server I looked at had the value of these pets going for as little as 10k but as high as 50k - but they will depend on the server - Check the Undermine Journal for current prices. 

Hopefully, this WoW Guide to teach you to Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing has helped you net a good cache of gold. Leave your comments or suggestions to this guide below in the comments.

Fast 90-100 Leveling without addons

Fast 90-100 Leveling without addonsWhy would you want to know how to achieve Fast 90-100 Leveling without addons? Maybe you have a slower system, or maybe you just don't want to use Zygor or Dugi's leveling guides. Whatever the reason, this method is a way to do a quick level boost. So fast that you will level 96-100 in about 20 minutes - but while the entire process is a bit longer, it may actually level you faster then the addons listed above - but that will be fore you to determine...

Fast 90-100 Leveling without addons...

To start on this guide, understand the method used by professional powerlevelers... don't loot unless you are looking for quest items. Don't skin, don't collect herbs and mines. It's faster to level your other skills AFTER you hit the level cap. I know you'll find this difficult to believe, but looting slows you way down. Sure you won't have a few thousand more gold at the end, but you won't need it to level fast.

Next, I want you to watch this video...

If you used this Fast 90-100 Leveling without addons guide and found it helpful, or even if you want to critique the method, leave a comment or share to your favorite social media site.


WoW Legion End Game Guide

Congratulations you've reached the WoW Legion End Game! You've conquered the new zones in World of Warcraft: Legion! Now what? A common problem for new players in any MMORPG is that they often feel directionless upon hitting the max level. So now, here's a guide to teach you what you can work on next within the game... or of course you can do the age old tradition and sell your account... or not. But if you're one of the many, and you're planning on playing for a while, this is where the real game begins. Raiding, harder dungeons, reputation grinds, and PvP are just some of the options available to you now. Here's a guide to help you get situated and figure out where it is you want to adventure next.

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WoW Legion End Game

PvE WoW Legion End Game Content

PvE content is divided up based on how many people you're willing to associate yourself with. There's plenty of content in game for players looking to play alone, as well as with a small to huge party. Here's just some of the examples.



Currently, there are six factions adventurers can gain reputation with. Five of them have zones associated with them, and questing there will increase your reputation up to honored. The only exception to this, is The Wardens reputation that is only available once you've achieved max level.

At level 110, players are given the quest Uniting the Isles.  This quest is required to begin doing world quests, and gain reputation for the factions beyond what is available simply by leveling in each zone. Some classes and races gain benefits when it comes to gaining reputation, such as Human's Diplomacy. Mages now gain a 5% bonus if they are in possession of the artifact Ebonchill. Hunters also have a follower that records your feats, granting you a 5% bonus as well.

Why would you want to grind reputation? Well, aside from story aspects associated with each faction, they also have vendors that each offer different profession oriented recipes, as well as toys and pets. But perhaps most important is that gaining Revered rank with all factions gains you progress toward the achievement Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. Unlocking this achievement allows faster travel around the Broken Isles, and is presumed to be the first step towards flight in the new zones.

warlock-order-hallWarlock Class Hall

Class Halls:

One of the new additions to World of Warcraft: Legion is the introduction of Class Halls. Each one is unique to the class of your hero, and each has a quest chain that will require quite a lot of time to complete. The classes have various paths to completing their unique stories, but each one has a similar theme. You'll need to scour dungeons for powerful materials, send your champions out to put down threats or retrieve treasures, and collect some yourself from various enemies around the Broken Isles in order to finalize your class' story.

Improving your class hall will also net you some pretty sweet rewards in regards to gold, artifact power, gear, and visual upgrades for your artifact. It's one of the most reliable ways to gain artifact power, but it also requires you to have the resources to pay your champions, which will require you to go out into the field. There's also an app that you can download to access Order Hall features remotely.

World of Warcraft: Legion Companion is now available on iOS and Android, free of charge.

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As you've traveled the Broken Isles, odds are you've seen the enormous Elven city of Suramar. Suramar honestly deserves its own guide, and as such, we will cover all of its intricacies in detail later in the week. For now, lets discuss what you're in for if you decide to head to this zone.


Suramar is exclusive to level 110 players. This zone was intended by the designers to have a heavy focus on story, and is not intended to be a fast way to gear your character. The city is a complicated network of alleys and streets, each of them leading to a variety of enemies and allies that will help you solve the puzzle of this ancient city.

It is difficult to traverse at first, with only three flight paths in the entire area, so you will become reliant on teleporter beacons scattered throughout to quickly get to where you want to go. There are also two dungeons that can only be unlocked from completing the Suramar story line. If you enjoy World of Warcraft's rich lore, this should be your first stop upon achieving max level.

PvP WoW Legion End Game Content

As of right now, Player vs. Player content in World of Warcraft: Legion is not that different from what it was prior to the expansion going live. Granted, no one is running around the unsuccessful Ashran nowadays, most of the battlegrounds and arena maps you'll visit will be the ones you're already used to, with one major change.

PVP Skills

The PVP Prestige System:

Players now gain ranks from PvP that allow them to learn new talents specific to PvP battlegrounds and arenas. After you've hit level 50, you are allowed to Prestige your character, netting you some sweet cosmetic rewards: including mounts, artifact appearances, and portrait badges.

The new talents start with the Gladiator's Medallion, which works very similar to the old Insignia of the Alliance/Horde trinkets, but now acts as a spell instead of taking up a trinket slot. Each talent tree is not only unique to your class, but to your specialization as well, furthering the customization players will have when playing their favorite role.

pvp portrait badgesAn example of the cosmetic Portrait Badge upgrades.

While there is currently no new battlegrounds intended for Legion, there is a new arena for players who have grown bored with seeing the same locations time and again. This new addition is called Ashamane's Fall, and is located in the Val'Sharah section of the Broken Isles. It has a rich forest and is sparsely decorated with minor obstacles, although I'm sure Druids will still find something to hide behind.

Ashamane's Fall

Other WoW Legion End Game Collectibles:

World of Warcraft has been out for over a decade. As such, there are a LOT of things you can collect. For example, there are...

dc-heroes-transmogDC Heroes Transmog Fashion

  • Alternative outfits and weapons
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Achievements
  • Titles
  • Profession Recipes

None of these are new to Legion, but the expansion has done its part to add quite a few more of these to the game, as well as adding the transmog system that will allow you to permanently unlock any wearable armor/weapon's appearance across all characters that can use it. And yes, if you hate your Artifact Weapon's look, you can change it.

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LEGION Fishbot download – World of Warcraft

It's Fishing Time! ...and by that I mean it's time to get your fishing maxed out. To do that, I'm going to suggest using this LEGION Fishbot. There aren't that many that work these days, but we're going to share one with you that you can use in either background mode (which writes to memory - not really recommended) or which works in the foreground - by detecting and using the keyboard with keybindings (much safer).

LEGION Fishbot for World of Warcraft

LEGION-FishbotOnce again, this LEGION Fishbot does have 2 modes, background and foreground. I highly recommend avoiding background usage, as it's more likely to be caught and detected. But, the choice is yours - afaik it's not detected at this time, but that could change at any time.

All you need to do, is set it up, and then set it to work for you, allowing it to hook into World of Warcraft. It can use Lures, and will help you to max out your fishing skill automatically.

Download LEGION Fishbot

  • VIP Download | Password to download VIP file:  

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If you missed the LEGION Fishbot Password, you might not be a VIP member. Click here, to become one today. If you are one, enter your login and password on the upper right login form to login, so you too can check out the newest cheats, guides, and macros - unhindered.

Chaos Crystals AH farming – WoW

Chaos Crystals AH farmingIf you're already doing the Chaos Crystals AH farming trick, then you know with the AH in fluctuation and with it going up or down, then this can be a bit difficult at times. However there are a few rules I want you to consider when you buy items to disenchant.

Chaos Crystals AH farming

Please remember, that wtih Chaos Crystals AH farming, results will vary by server. We cannot account for whomever may also be using this technique.

Prior to beginning, check prices of Chaos Crystal in AH and be an Enchanter. Since you are disenchanting, there doesn't seem to be a level requirement for this - at this time.

Dugi's WoW Guides - Official Website

Credit to Super-Kop for this WoW gold making method. 5k bank start. After a few days of the LEGION expansion, WoW Gold up to 450k and growing! 

For those interested... the "Chaos Crystal" that I used for the image above right, is actually a Bismuth Crystal. You can make your own, using this tutorial.

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Fast Fishing Artifact Power Method

This Fast Fishing Artifact Power method has got to be one of the most brilliant ways of leveling your new fishing artifact. First off, head out to Stormheim. The spot I like to fish is at 38:60 right next to the Lornas Watch flight point. Stick on an Arcane Lure and get fishing.

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Fast Fishing Artifact Power Method

Once you fish up an Ancient Vrykul Ring you can just go ahead and activate it straight away. If you're fishing in my spot a pool of Oodelfjisk should appear more or less right next to you. You've got about 5 minutes or more (dependent on the level of your artifact) to spam fish that pool. This also works for Ghostly Queenfish. Though I find there are usually more hostile mobs near their pools.  

Fast Fishing Artifact Power Method

The pools seem to be bottomless, so they last as long as you have the buff. On my last attempt I got 31 fish from my 7 minute buff. Not sure if working as intended, but it's why I think it's brilliant! If you like this Fast Fishing Artifact Power Method share and comment below...

600k XP Hourly Guide – WoW Legion

To farm 600k XP hourly, it's a bit of a grind, but with you and a few friends, I don't see how you can't achieve this farming XP spot. It's simple and likely will get fixed, even though it's not really an exploit, just you and a group of friends farming a few mobs repeatedly, to level quicker.

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600k XP hourly

In order to farm 600k XP hourly, you're going to be hunting a humanoid on the highmountain near Neltharion's vault.  There are huge elite creatures called 'Hill Ettin' Killing them gives 3.5k exp each (without rested bonus) simply 600k xp/hour. If you aren't a multi-boxer, then I suggest creating a 5 man group naming it something like 'Hill Ettin farming' through group finder to make this process much faster.

600k XP Hourly Guide - WoW Legion


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Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide v6 – Free Download

Zygor's Leveling and Loremaster guide is the ultimate tool Zygor All-In-Onefor players who want to level up quickly and earn the coveted Loremaster achievement. This guide will lead you quest by quest through every zone, telling you exactly where you need to go, how to complete objectives, and everything else required to reach the level cap in the fastest time possible.

Zygor WoW Guides Free Download

It is the era of an Old Horde, forged with steel rather than fel blood. A union of great orc clans, the Iron Horde, tramples the planet Draenor beneath terrifying war machines. Azeroth falls next. Worlds uncounted will follow. You must mount a desperate charge on Draenor – savage home of orcs and adopted bastion of stoic draenei – at this pivotal moment. Your allies are legends from across time; your fortress a foothold in an alien land. Lead the armies of one world against another…before the future itself is unmade.

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

Zygor WoW Guides v6 World of Warcraft Features

For both Alliance and Horde:

  • Zygor WoW GuideLeveling & Loremaster
  • Dungeons & Gear
  • Dailies & Reputation
  • Gold & Professions
  • Pets & Mounts
  • Titles & Achievements


Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide Download

6.1.17989 - Thursday, May 17th, 2018 |See Zygor Guides Event Log, for information about this release

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Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide Troubleshooting

The license check has been disabled in the functions.lua file, so the guide should not display "License expired". But if it does, follow the below instructions to "fix" the issue.

For those having issues with Zygor being expired. For Zygor "elite" subscribers the date changes based on your subscription expiration date. (updated by the official launcher/updater).

  1. Open Interface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\License.lua with Notepad(++)
  2. Lookup Line 4: DATE_E = XXXXXXXXXX,
  3. Use a Unix Time Converter (Online Conversion - Unix time conversion) and make up a date for example: 1/1/2020 12:00:00
  4. Update Line 4 with the unix code you just converted in step 3: DATE_E = 1577880000,
  5. Save changes and restart WoW.

If you want to compare this Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide with Dugi's guide, you can get it here.

AFK Invasion Leveling Script – WoW

AFK Invasion Leveling ScriptIf you want to do the Invasion (pre-quests to LEGION expansion), then this AFK Invasion Leveling Script might be of help. Of course if you want to level manually, then this isn't for you. You will need to install and Run AutoIt if you don't already have it installed.

WARNING: Using AutoIt to automate WoW is against the TOS and if caught, could result in a suspension or ban. However AutoIt, the program itself can be used in legitimate ways. As such, as long as you aren't changing memory addresses, it's highly unlikely you will be caught - but shizz happens - thus the warning...

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AFK Invasion Leveling Script

So to start, in order to use this AFK Invasion Leveling Script, you need to download and install AutoIt. You will also need the addon called General Invite. Get it and install it for WoW.


  1. After installing AutoIt and the addon, make a new script in SciTe Script Editor.
  2. Copy the AutoIt macro below, and then save and compile the script to an exe.
  3. Next, go Ingame and make two Macros (see below).
  4. Set the first Macro into the 2nd action bar slot, and the second macro as the 3rd action slot.
  5. Now go stand in safe place. For example at the inn whith Dun Morogh
  6. Start the AutoIt Script/Exe
  7. Enjoy!

Now the first in-game macro:

/script LeaveParty()

And the Second in-game macro:


We hope you found this AFK Invasion Leveling Script useful, please leave your comments below. Credit to DrFofilly for the script.

Character Name Mask – WoW Addon Tool

Use this Character Name Mask tool, which is a WoW Addon, and use it to hide all of your own character and friends' names. Have you ever wished you could take a screenshot, stream, or record an exploration video, or a cheat you found, maybe wanted to show off a game hack, but were afraid your account would get banned? No more! 

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Character Name Mask - WoW Addon Tool

This Character Name Mask only affects what you show on your screen. It only does it on the characters you specify and only for their names. Anyone else who isn't selected, will have their names shown on the screen. 

While this Character Name Mask will attempt to hide all names, there is a limit which you can do with memory editing. So make sure you test thoroughly before publishing your antics on the net.

How Does it Work?

It's a normal WoW addon. You put it into your interface folder like any other addon. Unlocked Lua is not required. From there, you select your fake character and guild name, and add any players you also want hidden and give them their names.

Where Does It Hide Names?

  • Player Frame
  • Target Frames
  • Party Frames
  • Raid Frames
  • Compact Raid Frames
  • Raid Buttons
  • Tooltips
  • Battleground Score Page
  • Arena Score Page
  • Removes Your Battletag from Friends page
  • Guild Roster
  • Guild News
  • Recount
  • Mail
  • Gossip Options
  • Quest Text
  • Ready Checks
  • Character Drop Down Menu
  • Linked Profession panels
  • Boss loot
  • Loot rolls
  • Chat frame
  • Garrison Zone name
  • Probably more that I forgot

Character Name Mask

What Are The Limitations?

It doesn't hide everything. You can only access so much without memory editing. It doesn't hide the name above players heads (which you should just turn off). It doesn't hide it from chat bubbles (kinda, a bit broken atm)/nameplates (it did but it broke and I don't play enough to fix it, can also be turned off). I may have also missed other parts of the interface where it may show your actual character name. 

Download Character Name Mask

Click Here to Download

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Character Name Mask created and written by Smitten, all credit to the original author

Demon Hunter Cheats – WoW 7.0.3

Demon Hunter CheatsHere are some Demon Hunter Cheats for WoW 7.0.3 which you will be able to use once you have LEGION up and running or the Demon Hunter class. Most of these are exploration cheats, but there are a few other useful tricks involved here. Watch the video to learn, and then the notes below to learn more which isn't included in the video.

WARNING: Some of these Demon Hunter Cheats can be considered Game Breaking - especially with switching locations with a healer to get them out of harms way. Use these cheats at your own risk, and try to mitigate your losses by not being obvious to others what you are doing.

Demon Hunter Cheats for WoW 7.0.3

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Didn't mention this in the video but the Demon Hunter infernal strike method at 2.05 works for rogue grappling hook and warriors heroic leap also, these are essentially the same abilities for most practical purposes. Three players could win the game in 2 minutes.

This is quite a powerful technique: it seems at first hand you can't do much with these abilities because you get constant "you can't use that here" error messages. The trick is to use the method downhill or at equal height as much as possible and on the very edge of the lip of a slice of rock. It has applications far beyond this battleground.

All credit to Archvaldor for the Demon Hunter cheats/video/additional info


World of Warcraft: Legion - Standard Edition - PC/Mac

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  • Join Illidan's immortal army
  • Wield a mythic weapon
  • Battle to level 110
  • Boost to Level 100 instantly
  • Available 8/29, Playable 8/30

Nethershards and Invasion Guide

If you want Nethershards, then you need to play in the invasions which happen every 4 hours. Below, we have placed the Nethershards and Invasion Guide which will go over how to play the invasions and the different steps involved on how to get your Nethershards. Then at the very bottom of this guide, there is also the Reset Nethershards and Invasion trick, which allows you to start at the very beginning of an invasion without waiting for your group.

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Nethershards and Invasion Guide

When are the invasions coming?

The Legion invasions (and Demon Hunter early access) arrived August 9, 2016 (US) and August 10, 2016 (EU). The will continue until August 30, 2016 when Legion launches, and will progressively become more frequent until that point.

Nethershard Currency

Nethershards and Invasion GuideNethershard is a new currency that will be specific to the Legion pre-launch event. These can be earned via invasion scenario events.

  • Stage 1: No shards gained from any sources;
  • Stage 2: You can get 5-10 Nethershard if you help killing the mini-bosses. You get a Small Legion Chest (which will contain 5 Nethershard, guaranteed iLevel 700 Fel-Touched Gear*, and a chance for iLevel 700** weapons, with very unique models) regardless if you helped or not, which contains 5 Nethershard (not 10);
  • Stage 3: This is where you get most Nethershard. Most mini-bosses award you from 5-15 Nethershard (maybe even more). If you help to kill a lot of mini-bosses, you get more Nethershard. So far, I have not gained any Nethershard for doing other objectives, such as breaking legion buildings or helping NPCs, but I might need more data/invasions. When the stage ends, you get 10 more Nethershard, regardless of your position in the map.
  • Stage 4: You get a Large Legion Chest (which will contain 10 Nethershard, guaranteed iLevel 700 Fel-Touched Gear*, and a chance for iLevel 700** weapons, with very unique models) after the boss is dead, which contains 10 Nethershard and other loot, explained in other comments.

Note that aside from Nethershards, the invasions grant achievements, and also the Stage 2 and Stage 4 chests can have unique weapons in them (that can be upgraded to item level 725).

The items available for Nethershards include transmog sets and item level 700 necks, rings, trinkets, weapon upgrade items, and a pet! These items are sold by Captive Wyrmtongue, who can be found in the Illidari camps in all invasion zones, as well as Orgrimmar and Stormwind City as below.
Note that the vendors in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City require that you complete the Broken Shore scenario to see them; the ones in the invasion zones are visible regardless.

*This armor is the same armor that makes up the 4 transmog armor ensembles available for 200 Nethershard. If you are wanting only the transmog appearances and not the gear, collecting it piece-by-piece from these chests will be presumably much slower than buying the Ensemble.
**These weapons can be upgraded to iLevel 725 using  Coalesced Fel, which will also be available during the pre-launch event

Vendor Locations


  • Orgrimmar - At [52,58], on the upper level, near the zeppelin tower for Undercity (Map).


  • Stormwind City - At [41,79], on the western edge of the Mage Quarter overlooking the coast (Map).


The inventory of the Captive Wyrmtongues is as follows:

Item Cost Model Type/Slot
 Ensemble: Fel-Infused Cloth Armor 200 Nethershard Fel-Infused Cloth Armor Transmog Set Appearance
 Ensemble: Felshroud Leather Armor 200 Nethershard Felshroud Leather Armor Transmog Set Appearance
 Ensemble: Fel-Chain Mail Armor 200 Nethershard Fel-Chain Mail Armor Transmog Set Appearance
 Ensemble: Felforged Plate Armor 200 Nethershard Felforged Plate Armor Transmog Set Appearance
 Infernal Cord 50 Nethershard - Neck
 Legionnaire's Fel Pendant 50 Nethershard - Neck
 Legion Bound Ring 50 Nethershard - Finger
 Nether Twisted Band 50 Nethershard - Finger
 Mo'arg Clan Token 50 Nethershard - Trinket
 Felstalker Spine 50 Nethershard - Trinket
 Inquisitor's Talisman 50 Nethershard - Trinket
 Demon Commander's Drape 50 Nethershard - Back
 Felbat Pup 150 Nethershard - Pet
 Coalesced Fel 150 Nethershard - Weapon Upgrade
 Glaive of the Fallen 100 Nethershard - Weapon


Invasion Scenarios

There will be 6 different invasion events during the pre-launch patch. After the invasions start, they will become more and more frequent as we get closer to the launch of the expansion (August 30, 2016).
Each invasion is a scenario entered by anyone that moves into the invasion area, and has 4 stages. There is a progress bar for Stages 1 and 3 which is zone-wide - you will see how close you are to the next stage. Stage 2 and 4 have boss objectives, and completing these will complete the stage.
Note that the invasion instance you enter may already be in progress, with potentially a stage or stages completed already.
The stages are below:

  • Stage 1 - Defend against a general invasion point (e.g. Orgrimmar Rear Gate). Mobs are fairly trivial in nature, although numerous.
  • Stage 2 - Defeat two lieutenants and a commander. The commander spawns after the lieutenants are killed. These bosses hit pretty hard, so DPS and healers have to watch threat.
  • Stage 3 - Defeat the invading forces marked on the map - a zone-wide objective, with various activities that will advance the progress bar:

    • There are mobs to kill, of various sizes and strengths. These can be found at invasion points, marked on the map.
    • There are protected "Legion Structures" also marked on the map. You must kill the mobs protecting the structures; doing so will make the Protected Fel Crystals attackable. When the crystals are destroyed, the structure collapses.
    • There are various mini bosses scattered around the zone during this phase. These hit pretty hard, so ideally they need to be tanked or kited. These mini bosses often drop Nethershards, so it's worthwhile helping to kill them! They are marked on the map with skulls.
  • Stage 4 - Defeat a boss NPC at the original invasion point (requires a group). These bosses hit VERY hard and have some abilities that will kill you if you do not avoid them (e.g. breath mechanics - make sure to stand behind the boss!)

Some other miscellaneous notes:

  • Zones that have active invasions are marked very clearly on the world map. Note that only zones in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms are involved.

    • Mousing over the invasion icon will show you a timer, indicating how much time is left in the invasion, so that you can get there.
  • Entering a zone with an active invasion will put you into a scenario instance. There will be multiple instances going on at one time, so arriving at any point while the invasion is active will allow you to participate.
  • There are various vehicles you can use to assist you during the invasion (e.g. Demolishers, Glaives). These usually have a few abilities that will do area damage to mobs.
  • Most of the mobs killed for the invasions do not drop anything, although minibosses do. The shards/chests that are rewarded go into your bags automatically (even if you are dead when the appropriate stage is completed).

TOTAL: 25-80+ Nethershard per invasion

Completing a single invasion rewards the achievement Stand Against the Legion.
Completing 6 of the invasions (as listed below) will reward Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions

The above achievements will be Feats of Strength (similar to Tripping the Rifts from the Cataclysm pre-expansion event) that will not be obtainable after Legion launches.

Another Feat of Strength that will be exclusively available during the Legion pre-launch event is It All Makes Sense Now (collect all 12 of the pamphlets from Doomsayer NPCs in Orgrimmar/Stormwind).

Getting to the Invasions

Below is a summary of ways to get to the invasions. I have included many different routes, including some that may be obvious (for those who may be returning to the game after a while).

Zone Horde Alliance
Staging point: Orgrimmar rear gates
Right outside Orgrimmar rear (North) gates

Fly from Mount Hyjal

Fly from Darnassus

Goblin Engineers use  Dimensional Ripper - Everlook, fly from Everlook
Northern Barrens
Staging point: The Crossroads
Fly from Orgrimmar or Thunder Bluff

Fly from Mount Hyjal

Fly from Darnassus

Staging point: Gadgetzan
Fly from Uldum

  • Use the portal to Uldum at the Orgrimmar Western Earthshrine (Cataclysm portals)
Fly from Uldum

Fly from Dustwallow Marsh

Hillsbrad Foothills
Staging point: Tarren Mill
Fly from Undercity

Fly from Ironforge

Fly from Twilight Highlands

Staging point: Sentinel Hill
Fly from Blasted Lands

Fly from Northern Stranglethorn

Fly from The Cape of Stranglethorn

Fly from Stormwind City

Use  Boots of the Bay, fly from Booty Bay
Dun Morogh
Staging point: Kharanos
Fly from Twilight Highlands

Fly from Undercity

Right outside Ironforge

Nethershards and Invasion Guide created by jjanchan, with additional information from alessandrouw.


Reset Nethershards and Invasion Trick

Now that you have an idea on where to go and what you need to do, it's time to explain how to Reset Nethershards and Invasion Trick. 

  • The first thing to do, is get into a Proving Grounds then teleport out and head off to the invasion. At any time as long as its before you kill the last boss on stage 4 you can teleport back to the Proving Grounds, and back out again. The event will reset back to stage 1, then just rinse and repeat for as long as you like.
  • An alternative method, which also works, is to die during the event, rez at the graveyard, and then re-log. This will also reset back to stage 1.

However since there appears to be no Nethershards dropped on the first round, it might not be worth it - this will be up to you to decide!

Zygor WoW Guide for WoW LEGION

This version takes us to Zygor WoW Guide for WoW LEGION. This is the full and complete Zygor Guides for both Horde and Alliance. It fixes the previously broken WoW Gold Guide and Auction Scanner, and now includes the Demon Hunter Starter guide and Demon Invasion guides.

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Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster guide is the ultimate tool for players who want to level up quickly and earn the coveted Loremaster achievement. This guide will lead you quest by quest through every zone, telling you exactly where you need to go, how to complete objectives, and everything else required to reach level 100 in the fastest time possible.

Zygor WoW Guide for WoW LEGION Features :

  • Leveling & Loremaster - Zygor's Leveling and Loremaster guide is the ultimate tool for players who want to level up quickly and earn the coveted Loremaster achievement. This guide will lead you quest by quest through every zone, telling you exactly where you need to go, how to complete objectives, and everything else required to reach level 100 in the fastest time possible.
  • Zygor WoW Guide v5.0.14135Dungeons & Gear - Zygor's Dungeon and Gear guide is a great for players who prefer to level up by running dungeons. The guide provides detailed walkthroughs of the all dungeons quests and boss fights. Furthermore, it includes a suite of features that will help you find the best gear upgrades for your characters, including which bosses drop the best weapons and armor and which dungeons have the most upgrades.
  • Dailies & Reputation - Zygor's Dailies and Events guide is perfect for players who have reached max level and are looking to dive head first into the end game content. Dailies are quests you can repeat every day which allow you to earn reputation, special items, achievements, and lots of gold. Reputations are your current standing with the many factions in the game and our guide will show you the easiest way to become Exalted with all of them.
  • Gold & Professions - Zygor's Gold & Professions is an all in one solution for making mounds of gold in World of Warcraft. The guide will show you how to level up your professions to max skill level and then use them to make mounds of gold. It also includes a suite of tools to help you master the Auction House.
  • Pets & Mounts - Zygor's Pets and Mounts guide is a huge in-game bestiary for finding, capturing, and taming the numerous creatures roaming the wilds of Azeroth. Whether you're looking for a loyal companion to join you on your adventures, or a swift steed to get you to and fro, Zygor's Pets and Mounts guide is the ultimate guide to have at your side during your next World of Warcraft safari.
  • Titles & Achievements - Show off your greatest achievements and win favor with Zygor's Titles and Reputations guide. This comphrensive guide will help you unlock dozens of unique titles to display in front of your characters name and show you the easiest way to raise your reputation so you can acccess exclusive rewards only sold by the games various factions.

Zygor WoW Guide

Download Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide

Download Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide

Updated 3 Sept 2017 to v6.1.16566

Now Includes Legion Flying Guide & Class Mount Guide!

See Zygor Guides Event Log, for information about this release including patch notes for Zygor's.

Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide Download

Warning: As with all game hacks, bots, and cheat tables, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you.

We recommend the following for anti-detection of game hacks and bots. Run daily on the original downloads!

Now onto the download...

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Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide Instructions

Unzip to your Interface folder in World of Warcraft. This Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide contains no historical data (Except Stormscale).  If you want historical data for other realms (Gold Guides) you can get them here.

Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide Troubleshooting

The license check has been disabled in the functions.lua file, so the guide should not display "License expired". But if it does, follow the below instructions to "fix" the issue.

For those having issues with Zygor being expired. For Zygor "elite" subscribers the date changes based on your subscription expiration date. (updated by the official launcher/updater)

  1. Open Interface\AddOns\ZygorGuidesViewer\License.lua with Notepad(++)
  2. Lookup Line 4: DATE_E = XXXXXXXXXX,
  3. Use a Unix Time Converter (Online Conversion - Unix time conversion) and make up a date for example: 1/1/2020 12:00:00
  4. Update Line 4 with the unix code you just converted in step 3: DATE_E = 1577880000,
  5. Save changes and restart WoW.

If you want to compare this Zygor Elite LEGION WoW Guide with Dugi's guide, you can get it here.

Essence of the Undeath Farming – WoW

We begin this gold guide on Essence of the Undeath Farming, with the notice that prices vary by server and could take a giant dump if enough people begin farming them. On that note, this is another Tome of Illusion Material which are expected to be of high value when LEGION (expansion) is released. While these are in demand, prices will be high.

Fastest in-game leveling and gold guide for World of Warcraft

Essence of the Undeath Farming

Normally, you can make a single Essence of Undeath, but it's much better to just farm them. Now I recently read a guide that said there was a 52% drop rate in certain mobs in the Stratholme dungeon. But between having to reset the dungeon and the neccessity of being a very high level, I found this guide to be lacking. Instead, for this guide, we are going to be heading on over to Winterspring. But the drop rate is much lower when we do our Essence of the Undeath Farming. Instead of killing 6 mobs and pulling 3 Essences, we are going to be pulling the 25-30 in the area and getting 2.

The reason I like Essence of the Undeath Farming in Winterspring is that even a low level DK should be able to do this - which means you can farm on any server within the hour. Additionally, I like that for the most part, people will look at the 6-7% drop rate and think "Ugh" and skip this area, not knowing the sheer quantity of mobs in this location.

AOE is definitely the way to go, but there is no reason with a 65+ level character you can't 1-shot these mobs, loot, lootfilter, and run to sell the crap you don't want, with the nearby town, or switch servers rinse/repeat to mow the mobs down again and again.

Please refer to the map below to see the types of mobs to hunt, as well as the location to find them. 

Essence of the Undeath Farming


Let us know how we're doing with our Essence of the Undeath Farming guide. Did you find it helpful, does it need more information, is there more you'd like to see?

Thanks to WoWhead for the images/info - map was edited by me (with Fireworks).

LEGION Sandbox – Play on WoW Legion Beta

A WoW LEGION Sandbox allows you to explore World of Warcraft's new expansion LEGION without the game being live AND without being a part of the elites who are actually a part of the beta testers group. It will simply allow you to explore the map, not fight new mobs, nor do any quests. If you aren't part of the beta crew, then this is your way to get a preview into the expansion. Think of this as your Beta emulator. Continue reading "LEGION Sandbox – Play on WoW Legion Beta"

WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact Cheat

Why post a WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact Cheat? Because of the potential to abuse is astronomical, and we're all about abusing games which deserve it - such as Blizzard's World of Warcraft. With this WoW Cheat for LEGION Alpha, you can get roughly 2000 artifact power in ~45 minutes. Continue reading "WoW LEGION Alpha Artifact Cheat"

Rare Transmogs Find – WoW

Rare TransmogsYou might not have known this, but there is a high chance you have some Rare Transmogs on your account, if you created your account prior to the release of Cataclysm. You didn't even have to do anything other then create a character, maybe just to reserve a name - which I used to do quite a bit of myself.

These Rare Transmogs, can be worth anywhere from 5k to 100k WoW Gold! Continue reading "Rare Transmogs Find – WoW"