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Noob Bot Source Code – WoW

This Noob Bot Source Code that I am sharing with you (not hosted here), is not a working bot. It however can be updated and used in other projects with a bit of fiddling. The last time it was worked on

HotS Leveling Bot – Free Download

Heroes of the Storm has been out for a while now, and while searching for a full featured HotS Leveling Bot, we came across a little gem, which is hardly mentioned anywhere. Its not very well known, but it's free

Zura’s LazyBot Crack – Free Download – Tera Online

Zura's LazyBot Crack for the game Tera Online will give you unlimited time to use their bot, with no monthly/yearly fees. You will first need to download and install Zura's LazyBot for Tera Online, then apply the crack, and finally open

Runes of Magic: Free to Use Leveling Bot

Sometimes, we wish, that we didn't have to pay a monthly or a yearly fee to bot. As it happens, Runes of Magic has a thriving community built around a free to use and scripting & macro system. Here's the

Runes of Magic: Leveling Bot

RoMBot is in free open beta, and now is your chance to try this easy to use bot, for free. Own Runes of Magic with this great new bot. Give it a try and let us know what you