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Star Wars the Old Republic vs DC Universe Online

The question is, can a Jedi Lightsaber cut through Superman? The question is, can a Jedi Lightsaber cut through Superman? To answer this, we need to look at some raw data for both lightsabers and Superman himself. Short Answer: No

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

If you're like me, and have a geek friend who loves anything to do with Star Wars, but have had a hard time trying to find a gift for them, then you are going to be happily surprised. This is

SWTOR Color Crystals and where to get them


There are a plethora of SWTOR Color Crystals out there for your blasters and lightsabers, but not knowing where to get each of them, leads you to look everywhere and nowhere. This guide which will give you a handy reference pointing you

Angry Birds Star Wars Edition

DUN DUN DUN - In a far away place in a time not so long ago, some pissed off birds met with some evil Sith Lords and decided to blow'd them up. Angry Birds - Star Wars edition

SWTOR: Fastest 1-400 Artifice Leveling Guide

The Artifice Crew Skill can be used to create a variety of different items, including: Lightsaber Upgrades (Hilts) for all Force Users Color Crystals used by ALL weapons that provide bonuses to Endurance and/or Critical Rating (which also changes the

SWTOR: Where to get the Red Crystal for Lightsabers & Guns

You will need a high level Artificer (400+) to use the crystal, and at least 3 peeps grouped at level 50, to attain the crystal. You will likely need a healer, dps, and tank. It is highly unlikely you will

SWTOR: Unconfirmed Static White Crystal Lightsaber/Blaster drop

Supposedly, and this remains to be verified, there is a world boss, which always drops a white crystal for sabers/blasters. Since white crystals are in a slight demand, this makes for some nice credit farming. The world boss, can be

SWTOR: A unique Lightsaber duel feat Darth Vader & Chewbacca

In honor of the end of StarWars Galaxy and the beginning of StarWars The Old Republic, I was doing a search for some public interest posts... mainly webcomics. However what I came up with certainly trumps the mysteries of webcomics

SWTOR: Sith Warrior known Facts

Sith Warrior   The sith warrior, is similar to the Jedi Knight, yet on the Dark side of the Force. They have similar skills to the Jedi, but use Rage Points, to use it's skills. They use a lightsaber for