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Nemsy Necrofizzle No Travel Method – Hearthstone

I am about to teach you the Nemsy Necrofizzle No Travel Method for Hearthstone, Heroes of Warcraft. It's amazing how easy it is to find your very own Nemsy Necrofizzle. Recently, in various places you will see people selling Nemsy Necrofizzle and this is

Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location

To understand where to find the Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location, we first need to know the name of this secret boss. It's Swan. Swan is a somewhat powerful Fallout 4 Secret Boss , so you will probably want to know how

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level Trick

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level

In order to Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level, you of course need to level to get out of the starter areas. It's also a good idea to do the first few quests so that you can get Soul Recall and the

WoW: Easy Blazing Chest Farming – 2 methods

This is an easy way to get the Blazing Chest on Timeless Isle. Inside the Blazing Chest is an item called the Burden of Eternity, which will allow you to upgrade your Timeless ilvl 496 item to ilvl 535 item,

Marvel Heroes: Waypoint Level List

written by Rotgor This will show you which areas to quest in, to level up and which areas you should be playing when you are the shown level. If you find anything which isn't correct, please comment below with the

Path of Exile: Large Chest Static Location

Having a way to always determine when and where a particular item is, is a great feat. In this one, we show you exactly what to look for, when determining if there is a Large Chest on this level to

Darkfall Online – Unholy Wars: World Map

If you are looking for a full featured map for DFO Unholy Wars, then look no further. Not only does this map show the entire map in high detail, but it also shows the locations of mobs and other landmarks

GW2: Share your Rich Nodes locations

For those who have been under a rock (or haven't been?), the trick here is to find the node in a busy server/zone, mine it and the log off and hope you log back into a different overflow or into

GW2: Chaos Crystal Cavern Jumping Puzzle Solution & Location

Continuing on our reporting of the different Jumping Puzzle locations and solutions, this is the Chaos Crystal Cavern. Please make sure you watch the entire video and either bring a friend or at least have a ranged attack. Chaos Crystal

GW2: Gold Farming spot

This might not be the best place to farm gold, as it's really only about 56 silver an hour, however with the state of gold right now, it's not a bad place to farm, if you want to make a

Rift: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach – Locations

In Trion's infinite wisdom, they decided for an event called Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach. Aptly, the quest is to plant trees. Unfortunately, there is one major problem. In Scarwood Reach, there is only a total of 5 locations you

Rift: Rare Mobs Macro

This is a simple script which you can use on the ingame macro system which will allow you to simple press a single button to find nearby rare mobs. For maps and locations of the rare mobs, click here.

WoW: Cataclysm Rare Mob Spawn Locations

If you farm rare mobs for the achievement, or even the rare loot drops, then this is the guide you will want, to help determine which mobs spawns you can run by, when you are in the area. Note spawn

Hellgate Map

This was actually posted as a reply to another Hellgate thread, but I found this so useful,  I decided to give it, it's own post. This is a Full Size Hellgate map, which is useful when you have to run between

Rift: Defiant – Touched by the Rain quest secret – no more waiting

I am probably going to regret telling you this secret, but at no time, do I ever have to run around looking for a soaked villager, dripping villager, and dampened villager to reveal and kill. As it turns out, there is

Aion: Level grinding locations

If you paid for access to one of the leveling guides we have provided, then you don't need this. However if you prefer to bot or grind level - with the help of a little brother or something, then