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Neverwinter: Infinite Chest Loot

This Chest Loot bug, will allow you to reload the chest in question, an infinite amount of times after looting it, without leaving the instance. So basically, with a bit of planning, you can choose your loot which you want

GW2: Infinite Chest Looting Dupe Exploit

The holy grail of exploiting, is a dupe bug, and it seems that GW2 has one - though in this case you can loot a chest multiple times, not actually dupe a specific item. You can expect this exploit to

WoW: Looking For Raid (LFR) Boss Loot Exploit

So the rule is normally you cant get more loot, more than once if you do a Looking for Raid. However with this cheat, you will be able to loot the bosses even when you get a message stating you