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Daily Mount Kills Drop List – WoW

There are several mobs which should be encapsulated in a Daily Mount Kills Drop List. This list, will provide you with various mobs which you should hunt down and kill on each of your characters. They have the potential to drop rare

The Division Multi-Hack Cheat Table

What exactly is the The Division Multi-Hack? Its a long list of hacks which can be used on the Windows version of Tom Clancy's The Division. The Division Multi-Hack Cheat Table works with Cheat Engine and the screenshots below will show the The

Trove Autolooter – AHK Script

The Trove Autolooter is a simple program which will automatically pick up loot for you while questing or fighting in dungeons. It's a good way to make sure you don't miss any loot, and also not have to manually chase after

Gold Chest Loot Dupe – WoW

It's come to our attention, that a Gold Chest Loot Dupe is occurring within World of Warcraft. The Gold Chest Loot Dupe uses a bug to allow you to loot only the gold from a chest, and then a short time later,

Loot Chests Multiple Times – WoW

Loot Chests Multiple Times

There are a few specific chests which will allow you to Loot Chests Multiple Times. It may be possible to use this exploit on other WoW Chests, but hasn't been tested in all the other locations yet.   The stipulation to this,

Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop – Archeage

Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop - Archeage Library

Inside the Library you will find a Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop, but when I say rare, I mean it. It's a rare spawn which happens sometime in the next 2.5 days. When will it spawn? Well, 2.5 days after the last time

Endless Chest Farming – Elder Scrolls Online

Endless Elder Scrolls Online Chest Farming

If you like chest farming, but wish that there were more chests to farm, then the limited ones available in whichever part of the game you are currently in, then this Endless Chest Farming exploit, is going to get you very

Early Leveling Tips – Elder Scrolls Online

Early Leveling Tips

When you first start playing Elder Scrolls Online, if you aren't used to the combat of the game, it might take some getting used to. However after a short time, it should seem more natural then most other MMOs out

Neverwinter: Farm Quick Respawning mobs for loot, gold, exp

There is a quest right at the beginning of the game, where if you don't complete the objective, you can continuously destroy repeat spawning mobs, gaining loot, experience, and gold.  Use this spot to farm gold/loot or level up.

Neverwinter: First Fully Working Bot

The guys over at MMOViper have released a working bot for Neverwinter. It will patrol, loot, kill and a few other things. It all comes with a working maphack, which I have been told works with PvP. Check out the

WoW: Looting Containers exploit

Some containers which you pickup such as Canopic Jars, which contain loot can have low drop chances on certain items. There is a way which will allow you to reset the loot. So let's say you don't get the loot

Neverwinter: Repeat Chest Farming

This is not so much epic, but will allow you to loot a chest at least another time, if not a couple more times. However it's only available to those to do dungeon delving with a group. Why is it

Neverwinter: Ninja Looting Tip

Neverwinter had their soft launch on April 30th, which means you can now play Neverwinter for free, and there aren't likely to be any roll backs. This is a time for you to get a feel for the game, to

Rift: Mobile App Scratch-offs Trick

I love the Rift mobile app. While I don't have a big guild which can use it to chat while offline, there is that feature. But this isn't about that. Instead, this is about the loot you can get from

Path of Exile: Understanding Loot and Currency – Priority List

Itemization in Path of Exile is probably the second biggest shock after the massive passive skill tree. PoE’s economy, even in beta stage, is convoluted and involves much more than just gear. Skills are itemized, as will places, which are

Diablo 3 Loot Tracker & Alarm Drop Notifier

What is it? It's an item tracker for Diablo III. It is meant to track and notify of in game item drops  with an audible notification, then display them in a color coded list along with some basic item info.

WoW: Unlimited Rep and Loot in the Oculus

This exploit will allow you to repeatedly loot mobs, with near instant respawn in the WLK instance Oculus. You can do this in either expert or non-expert but should solo the instance. So figure on needing to bring your 85-90

WoW: 1000 Embersilk per hour farming spot

This place has become a very profitable way of making gold for mages since 5.04! Currently it beats other methods of farming gold/embersilk by as much as 400 cloths per hour, which translates into a healthy sum. Requirements: Level 85

Diablo 3: Ultimate Farming Spot – Legendaries and Epics galore

I wasn't going to share this, as I actually had 12 accounts farming this spot, but now that I am down to only 4 accounts farming, I decided that I could share it after-all. This is the ultimate spot to

Diablo III: Brady Games’ Diablo 3 Gaming Guide pdf download

Brady Games' Diablo 3 Gaming GuideWelcome to the Sanctuary Save Sanctuary from the Forces of HellHundreds of monsters and a host of evil horrors stand between you and your conquest to save Sanctuary. Myriad treasures and dangers await your exploration, and

Diablo 3: OMG LOOTz!

Before you go collecting all that amazing loot, I want you to remember one thing. As you are leveling up, you only have a small amount of back pack space. Now, if you are planning on making a lot of