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Middle Earth Shadow of War Game Trainer +10

This Middle Earth Shadow of War Game Trainer features several must have game hacks including Unlimited Might and Focus, 1-Hit Kill, Unlimited Health, and Mega XP. But these are just a small sampling of the hacks available for this game.

Watch “Thranduil Crown tutorial and Giveaway” on YouTube

Thranduil Crown

Creating this Thranduil Crown tutorial, was harder then making an actual Thranduil Crown. The Thranduil Crown is a piece that one of the Elven lords wore in Lord of the Rings Online, and this is a tutorial on how to make your

LOTRO: One Ring Parody Music Video of One Thing

Lord of the Rings fans rejoice! It's time for a special parody in which Warpzone brings One Direction's "One Thing", into a new era of coolness. This parody entitled "One Ring" is rewritten to give us a different look at

LOTRO Lookout: 2012 Farmer’s Faire Guide

written and compiled by Tom Riddle For a change I did not delete without reading my weekly Lotro junk mail but opened the ad. I had heard about a Faire coming, and that it was not replacing the Summer Festival,

LOTRO: Beta Leak – Riders of Rohan Armor Sets

Credit to anonymous for this find. This file is LONG (7000px long) - and about 1.3 mb big. I posted a "thumbnail" of the picture, and it links to the actual image. It's got each and every armor set for Riders

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Beta Key Give-Away

We're giving away 25 beta keys for Riders of Rohan, the upcoming expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. To get one of these, all you need to do is send us a Tip, Guide, Cheat, Exploit, or Script for

Lotro Lookout: The in-between edition

written and compiled by Tom Riddle It’s been a long time since the last Lotro Lookout, back in October 2011 was posted. Before I get to my usual long winded rant/diatribe and newly found Lotro links there are a few time sensitive things to mention:

Lotro Lookout: Lotteries are back

Yep, one of my favorite money makers is back, but there are known issues: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5734960#post5734960 from: Sapience Harbinger of Soon http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?424231-Lotteries-are-BACK!!!&p=5738015#post5738015 You may have an issue with your account, but given the very large number of European characters from the

Lotro fan movies, Insomniacs rejoice

You remember The Hunt for Gollum? Welcome to the official site for The Hunt For Gollum; the award winning unofficial prequel to The Lord of the Rings http://www.thehuntforgollum.com/updates.htm there is a new short that is pretty funny it tries to

Lotro Going Free to Play in Fall

from: http://www.lotro.com/news/709 Today is an important day for LOTRO: we’ve announced that this fall, LOTRO will begin offering a Free-to-Play option! Players will be able to download the game and adventure in Middle-earth for free. With Free-to-Play comes the addition

Lotro -> A look ahead

You may have seen Graythandor's post with what he has ferreted out of posts made by the Devs concerning what is upcoming for Lotro. Graythandor's What's coming? Here's what we know from it: OK, so here's what we know for

Lotro: Flower Collecting guide

author unknown This is information based on a couple spring festivals, and it all seems to have been the same so far, with the exception of the tart recipe. I've done my best to split this up into different sections

LoTRO Roundup May 2010

Seen or (*) recently created by me *My Cooking for Creating the Tier 6 BoA Relics http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ASQ8gh1ja9JSZGc3ODlqOTRfMTg5aGc0Z3ZuZDQ&hl=en *My Updated Mazzlefizz Guide - Getting 5 Levels in 36* Minutes Via Crafting Quests http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ASQ8gh1ja9JSZGc3ODlqOTRfMTg2Z2JmZzkydGc&hl=en *My RuneKeeper class traits checklist http://files1.guildlaunch.net/guild/library/16828/Class%20Traits-runekeeper.pdf One of

Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro): Info on the new Lotteries

Since I have done so well on lotteries (it figures that I can't equal it irl 😥  ), I am going to give you a bit more info, now that Turbine has today introduced a new improved/increased lottery schedule: New

Lotro: Trick for Wisdom in Annuminas

The main reason for using the trick originally was simply to get exp and loot, and thats nerfed now. Few bother with this any more. BUT, although you can no longer farm loot, coin, and reputation items with this, you CAN

Lotro updates

* Volume III, Book 1, Patch 1 Delayed EDIT Patch rescheduled for Monday April 26, 2010, so make sure you have created empty slots for all your characters by the day before....Patch notes: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Release_Notes_Volume_3_Book_1_Patch_1_Official During the final round of testing

LOTRO: Upcoming Instances Meta Deed & Rewards

Originally written by Cithryth based on info from fredskywalker reposted from LOTRO Weekly Shadows of Angmar Instances Meta Deed and Reward Carn Dûm Deeds Champions of Carn Dum – Urro, Barashal, and Helchgam Salvakh, Azgoth, Avalgaith, and Tarlakh Tarlug, Mormoz,

LOTRO: A big list of links

author/compiler: seyahat Hi all, this is a list of links that I have developed for my kinship and that I thought might be of general use. Enjoy! My list of useful Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) links: Maps and

Lotro Round Up

A whats new in Lotro 2009 was exciting, as for a while there were two major exploits which have both been removed on the NA servers and I believe the EU servers but may still be working (but being banned

LOTRO: New Updates

Oath of the Rangers Written by Ashling Recently Turbine released Volume 3, Book 1: Oath of the Rangers onto the live LotRO servers. This patch includes a lot of much needed and eagerly awaited features such as four Skirmishes, new

Lotro: Alternative G15 / G19 LCD App

Written by Vindalfur of Brandywine LotroLCD is an attempt to use the LCD on the Logitech G15/G19 keyboards for something useful while playing LOTRO. The default applet from Turbine only displays redundant information and is hence quite useless. As far