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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Guide & Maps

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Guide & Maps is the official guide which was released for this game. We however have done a high res scan of each of the pages and released the maps in jpg

Elder Scrolls Skyrim PDF Guides – Free Download

Elder Scrolls Skyrim PDF Guides are a collection of guides courtesy of Prima Game Guides which covers everything you will need to complete this game, including a complete walkthrough for every quest in detail, essentials which  explains every stat and every

Vault Dweller Prima Guide – Fallout 4

This Vault Dweller Prima Guide is staggeringly complete and stuffed with all the information you'll need to survive and thrive in Fallout® 4. Unlike most guides written by 3rd parties, Prima is over 70 pages and includes minute details of what

LoL ZoomHack – League of Legends

The LoL ZoomHack is fairly simple in terms of what it does. It allows you to simply change the field of view to either zoom in, or out, depending on your needs. You can change the value to anything you

Fallout 4 PDF Guide Full Download – Free

The Fallout 4 PDF Guide is a PDF which gives you everything you need to play Fallout 4, with massive tips, builds, zone maps, guides, and walk-throughs. This Fallout 4 PDF Guide is all encompassing and covers every part of

Battlefield 4 Multihack

The Battlefield 4 Multihack is actually a collection of game hacks, within one little package. Today, we're providing you the source code for this Battlefield 4 Multihack in the form of an AutoHotKey script, which you can download and adapt to your

Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines – HotS

To use this Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines, you need to understand one thing, the method we will use, is to bait them, moving them in a way to make it easier to take them down. Of course there is

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level Trick

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level

In order to Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level, you of course need to level to get out of the starter areas. It's also a good idea to do the first few quests so that you can get Soul Recall and the

Path of Exile: Understanding the Mechanics of Monster Level

In Path of Exile, each map has a fixed monster level which you can see on the top right corner of the screen when you press Tab. The monster level in the map you are playing, sets many things including

WoW: Easy Blazing Chest Farming – 2 methods

This is an easy way to get the Blazing Chest on Timeless Isle. Inside the Blazing Chest is an item called the Burden of Eternity, which will allow you to upgrade your Timeless ilvl 496 item to ilvl 535 item,

Defiance: Mine 99 Speedrun Guide

Mine 99 is a game location or Dungeon found in Marin. This location shouldn't be confused with the co-op map The Motherlode also called Mine 99. You can see it's location on the map above. Port to Muir Processing and

Neverwinter: Ogre Grinding for Easy Experience

For fast farming, grinding ogres is one of the easy ways to gain easy experience. There are a couple maps with these slow moving and slow attacking creatures. Like I said, easy kills.

GW2: Sanctum of Rall node map

If you have been curious on where to find certain nodes, then this is going to be a windfall for you. This map contains the Sanctum of Rall nodes.  It contains Orichalcum Veins, Orrian / Ancient Saplings, Omnomberry, Chests, Coral,

Defiance: Complete World Map – with PoI’s

This is the complete Defiance World Map in HD and includes a few Points of Interest areas. To download or view the full size image, click on the map below and then save the image that opens up. Warning, the

League of Legends: Capture all Green Beams solo exploit

This exploit, will allow you to collect all green beams including the stormshield on any map, if you play a champion with a toggle, such as Karthus, Signed, or Mundo. Its pretty simple. The video below will show you how

Path of Exiles: Endgame Maps explained

In Path of Exile, different maps can "drop" off of mobs. These maps are white items, which will allow you and a group of people to enter into the map - ONCE. You will be the "guardian" of the map,

Path of Exile: Texture Editing Tutorial

guide written by Xel This tutorial will allow you to edit the textures, which is the skin of objects and mobs as you please. All changes are client side, so no changes are made to the server, only your own

Path of Exile: Progression Map

Whats the name of the next zone? Where do I go to get to that place? What's the name of the zone after the one I am on? Those are some of the questions which this Path of Exile Progression

WoW: Horde Only Exploration Video – Two Moons & Seven Stars

This is a scenario exploration for the Horde Only map Dagger in the Dark. It explores both Two Moons and Seven Stars.It shows the areas beyond the fog, which in most exploration videos actually stops further exploration. This video features

Darkfall Online – Unholy Wars: World Map

If you are looking for a full featured map for DFO Unholy Wars, then look no further. Not only does this map show the entire map in high detail, but it also shows the locations of mobs and other landmarks

Black Ops 2: Noob guide to Maps

Sooner or later no matter how good your reactions are or how well you are doing you can become a MUCH better player by knowing the maps off by heart. Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this and