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Special Offer ending soon If you donate with PayPal (accepts credit cards) to help cover my expenses since my accident I will help you out in return.  Anyone who donates at least $5 will have their name listed on this

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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Defeat Mythic Zek’Voz – WoW Walkthrough

We tend to Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz as a set of 'maneuvers' if you will. We used a similar approach to Thogar in BRF because it was the same kind of idea. Everything is entirely scripted and you have combinations of mechanics

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips – WoW

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips will guide you through each of the fights and what to do, based on your character class. No more guessing, or watching videos from a different class that has no bearing on the fight for you.

Defiance: Faster Leveling Combat Tips

Today we are going to give you some general combat tips that will feature skills that are easy to implement in the game but will allow you to progress a lot faster as well. Apart from picking your weapons, EGO

Path of Exile: Ranger Melee Dual Wield Leveling Guide

written by ykyshaeq This build was made during beta, and things may change from when the game is officially launched. The build itself has had to change from when it was originally written till now, so I am giving you

Rift: Bard Tank DPS PvP All-In-One Build

This build has a super high survival rate, when hunting solo or even in groups. It goes 36 points in Bard, 26 in Riftstalker, and 6 in Assassin. It can kill fast with assassin abilities when in a group for

SWTOR: Sith Warrior known Facts

Sith Warrior   The sith warrior, is similar to the Jedi Knight, yet on the Dark side of the Force. They have similar skills to the Jedi, but use Rage Points, to use it's skills. They use a lightsaber for

Rift: In-Depth guide to Tanking

written by Elicas@TT From: Tank Telara Intro to Tanking This guide shouldn't hold too much any current min-maxers in other MMO's do not already know, and is more of a repository of knowledge for nearly 10 years of MMO tanking

Rift: The Melee and Ranged Sweet Spot – Use them both

For those who are both melee and ranged, but can't use a ranged ability when the mob is on them, this little trick will bypass that limitation. It's a trick I like to call the Sweet Spot. It's a spot

World of Warcraft: Guide to Effectively DPSing in Dungeons & Raids

written by Ceraphus DPS is the highest populated role currently in World of Warcraft, yet so many times you run into people who just don’t know how to DPS, or don’t understand their role properly.  My hope is this article will

Rift: Melee/Ranged Rogue Build

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com This is a combo that kind of plays like a Rogue/Hunter. It's good for DPS both ranged and melee. It is not however an AoE nor support build. While I chose to have a pet,

World of Warcraft: Match playstyle to your character’s professions

written by Spitt of mmoexploiters I was talking to an associate, who asked me which professions, would be good for his mage. Now, I played WoW, for about 5 years, and really thought I knew this already. But we got

World of Warcraft: PvP tip for Melee verus Caster

This is a simple, but really effective tip, for when you are playing against casters as a melee class. If you run around them, strafing left to right, then you can break their line of site. Doing so, will often

Allods Online: Beginner Guide For Melee Healers

Written by WilliamUsher How Do You Build A Melee Healer? In Allods Online all classes can be molded and shaped depending on what type of Talents and ruby skills that you choose for them. For those of you wanting to focus more on PvP

Darkfall Online (DFO): Menhir Stoneguard melee trick

Menhir Stoneguards, Near the dungeon west of sandstone hamlet. can easily be soloed, without receiving much damage, by using this little known trick which keeps you just out of their reach. Try to pull the mob one at a time

Fallen Earth: Fastest way to level

I recently decided to try the 10 day trial of Fallen Earth.  I had been in the beta, and was unimpressed. In fact, there wasn't much change to my impressions.  Though I did appreciate the GM's being on constantly to

Darkfall Online: Trap a mob, then use to increase skills easily

You can melee this mob which you can get stuck, for great gains or stand a distance and debuff or whatever with magic.  Great way to raise your skills unchallenged. Note: This spot is nerfed (thanks readers). Use at your

Lineage 2: Avoid being hit by melee – Augment exploit

With more or less 100 HDs, fighters won't hit you due to your high evasion.. By this time, the benefits of the augment are permanently on you (Evasion, Accuracy, HP recovery.. whatever), without having the Heaven's Divider equipped.

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