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Igneous Flameling Harvesting

There is still some time to do some last minute Igneous Flameling Harvesting. To collect each one can take 50 minutes to a bit over an hour and is done with class trials on a mage. You have another couple days

WoW: Midsummer Fire Festival tips + in-game guide

Here's an in-game guide, which will show you step by step instructions for the Midsummer Fire Festival, we also have some tips which will help all levels to achieve easier fire blooms, and more.

WoW: Midsummer Fire Festival guide

written by Miyari of WoWHead Midsummer is here! There are bonfires located in each major capital city (and throughout the world), which are surrounded by questgivers, Midsummer Celebrant, and a Midsummer Supplier or Midsummer Merchant who sells items in exchange forBurning Blossom. There are