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wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm | WoW

wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm are a couple plugins for the WoW Bot called wRobot (click here) which will not just server hop automatically, but also mine and herb for you and does so much faster than doing it

GW2: Share your Rich Nodes locations

For those who have been under a rock (or haven't been?), the trick here is to find the node in a busy server/zone, mine it and the log off and hope you log back into a different overflow or into

Battle Pirates: Taking on level 5+ Draconian Salvage fleets

Learning the differences between a level 4 and a level 5 salvage fleet, in terms of what to do during a battle, can mean the difference between some long costly repairs and just a few minutes worth. My tactic works well

Battle Pirates: Stop being griefed while mining

It's an annoying thing, being farmed while you're mining. Or worse, when you're almost done filling up on a resource after mining for the last hour or so. However it does happen. Sometimes your enemy even knows that you are

Battle Pirates: Boost your Production

Imagine increasing your Zynthium output by an extra 80% (or more). If you've got mines in your base, then this will help you to increase the output of those mines. 

Battle Pirates: Faster Resources Gathering trick

The obvious answer to faster mining, is to either attack others' bases or higher level mines. However there is also a trick, to gain resources faster on the mines themselves. It's a tactic you should be doing, once you start

Battle Pirates: Resource Gathering Trick

In just 1 minute, you can have a resource gathering fleet, even if the fleet was recently completely and utterly wiped. It's a simple and surprisingly Effective trick.

Battle Pirates: Trick to stave off mine poachers

It's a bit annoying, when you have grabbed a mine, and are making runs back and forth to and from your base, when someone takes over and starts mining out from under you. At this point it means one of

EVE Online: WARNING – New Bot Detection

If you were using any type of bot, including an autominer, be warned that CCP has deployed a new bot detection software. We do not know the full details, other ten people ARE getting banned. We highly recommend you do

Evony: Trick – Get 2x the amount of food per day

Nevermind Facebook gifting for now, this is how to get 2x the amount of food, in every city, on everyday. Even if you are -1million food an hour, you will benefit from this, if you follow this trick. Its actually

Starcraft 2: Returning Minerals Trick

When you're in a heavy game and you want to send some workers to gas, you probably don't have the time to find only workers that don't have any minerals. So you will send some workers who might have mined

WoW: Sarsonite Farming Tips & Route Map

Here's a route and some tricks to getting the Sarsonite from farming, even though there may be competition in the area.  I have been leveling my blacksmithing, and found I needed some 882 Sarsonite ore's.  Now being the frugal kinda

EVE: Auto mining easy to set up bot

Some times you just want to bot, rather then doing drudge work.  This is an auto-mining bot which will take some of the dredge out of the game for you.  It's very easy to set-up, and there are no monthly