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wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm | WoW

wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm are a couple plugins for the WoW Bot called wRobot (click here) which will not just server hop automatically, but also mine and herb for you and does so much faster than doing it

Alternative VIP Subscription method

Would you like an Alternative VIP Subscription method to pay for 1 month VIP on this site? We have found a way, which we believe that a fair compensation could be achieved, which costs you $0 in cash, only buy time

Easy Bitcoin Conversion – Life Hack

Why do we need an Easy Bitcoin Conversion guide? Because without this guide, you're searching for how to mine and then convert to cash. We have done the hard part of looking for information and trying to figure out how to

Secret Gold Video Guide – Earn 1 Million WoW Gold

Hello everyone! Many people have asked me "how do you earn all your gold", so I decided to make this Secret Gold Video Guide, How Earn 1 Million WoW Gold!  I have linked 4 total videos, which make up this Secret Gold

Free World of Warcraft Bot

This Free World of Warcraft Bot has a few different features to it, including hunting, gathering, and fishing, as well as some other useful features, which I will mention down below. Currently this works for Herb Gathering, but not mining, which

Master Profit Spreadsheet – Archeage

Master Profit Spreadsheet - Archeage

Let me first state, that this Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage is a work in progress. Not everything is of yet completed. However most of it is, and it will help you to tell where you can profit most. Unfortunately,

Weaponsmith Leveling Guide – Wildstar

Wildstar Weaponsmith Leveling Guide

In this Weaponsmith Leveling Guide, you will learn to level your crafting skill all the way up. To maximize your Weaponsmith skill in Wildstar, it relies on Mining and occasionally Salvaging. Ore is easily found in bulk via our Ore Farming

Wildstar Crafting Guide PDF Download

The Wildstar Crafting Guide will teach you everything you need to know to get into the very profitable market of crafting items for profit and advancement. Learn successful strategies which you can use to bring to market all the items you

Darkfall – Secret Iron Nodes Cave

There is a super secret cave, with a ton of Iron Nodes and a Chest, north of Gulg, in a mountain. What most people don't realize is that within this mountain, there is a cave which looks like it has

Runes of Magic: Beginner’s Gathering Guide

One of the themes of Runes of Magic involves resource gathering for crafting purposes as well as for purchasing epic powers. Players are able to obtain all resource gathering skills and learn all crafting skills, but they will pick which

WoW: MoP Ore Shuffling Spreadsheet

A couple days ago, we released a Cooking Shuffle spreadsheet to help you calculate costs and profits. This one is for Ore and Glyphs, allowing you to do shuffling in order to maximize your profits creating with Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting

Tera: Endless Loot of Herbs, Ore, and Essence nodes

This is a trick which will allow you to neigh endlessly farm the same node every 5-10 seconds. This can be either a mineral or a herb node, and either works great.

Battle Pirates: Stop being griefed while mining

It's an annoying thing, being farmed while you're mining. Or worse, when you're almost done filling up on a resource after mining for the last hour or so. However it does happen. Sometimes your enemy even knows that you are

Battle Pirates: Faster Resources Gathering trick

The obvious answer to faster mining, is to either attack others' bases or higher level mines. However there is also a trick, to gain resources faster on the mines themselves. It's a tactic you should be doing, once you start

Battle Pirates: Trick to stave off mine poachers

It's a bit annoying, when you have grabbed a mine, and are making runs back and forth to and from your base, when someone takes over and starts mining out from under you. At this point it means one of

Rift: Complete Artificer 300 Leveling Guide

An Artificer can make rings, necklaces, totems, tomes, wands and staves (2h staff). Foraging and Mining will go best with Artificing. We recommend you salvage some of the items you make that have bars of ore in them for a chance of returned bars of

Rift: Platinum Making Tip for Foraging, Butchering, & Mining

Making platinum in Rift, can be easy, if you know some of the tips on how to do it. Sure, you can skin and farm like the botters... but there are actually some items which are more valuable then others,

EVE Online: The Mother of ALL EVE Guides

This behemoth of an EVE online guide is over 175 pages long, and covers such subjects as How to get started, Fitting, Mining, Agents, Planetary Interaction, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Trading, Player-Owned Structures, Exploration, and 0.0 Space. The best news

Rift Gathering Trick

This is a little trick, that I learned will make leveling your gathering skills, a bit easier. It's meant for all the gathering skills, except butchering. I am sure you can relate to this situation, trying to get a tin

EVE Online: Roid Ripper v3 – free macro miner

As the lead developer so graciously informed me, Roid Ripper was recently updated to version 3, from Version 2. Roid Ripper is a free to use macro miner tool, which will automate your mining for you. It's features are as

EVE Online: Guide Pack

We've got a nice EVE Online guide compilation for our members here. In this pack are 6 different eBooks which range in use from learning more in-depth info about EVE to Strategies and more. Whats Included; 2 - ISK Guides