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Dragon Nest Modded APK – God Mode

Dragon Nest Modded APK is a game hack for the Saint Haven (v1.1) release of the Android adaptation of the game. It features 3 different hacks; God Mode, 3x Increased Speed, and Damage hack. You will need a rooted device

PUBG Android Mod – Game Hack

The PUBG Android Mod, is a rebuilt APK which adds many features, depending on your processor type. Snapdragon CPU's have a few added features. You can use this on your Android device or on an Android emulator. Features which work on

PoE Modding Tools with Mods

If you're like me and can't afford all the new good looking gear Path of Exile has to offer, you might be interested in this PoE Modding Tools with Mods. Among other things it can take the micro-transaction armors and allow your

GTAV Zombie Mod

This GTAV Zombie Mod, brings you to the edge of civilization as the zombies have nearly taken over. It's the feature that has been requested from Rockstar Games but never realized. You've survived San Andreas, but now from nowhere zombies

TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition

In order to use this TERA Elin Mod for Skyrim Special Edition - you MUST have the Special Edition running on a Windows PC computer. This will not work with any other versions, including the non-special edition of Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Pokemon Go Game Hacks & Anti-Ban

This Pokemon Go Game Hacks & Anti-Ban gives you enhanced features, which will allow you to avoid being softbanned (which is when you fake travel distances quickly). This is a compilation of hacks and will require that you have a rooted phone,

World of Tanks ESP Mod

This World of Tanks ESP Mod, will allow you to be able to see through buildings and around environment (but not shoot them), in order to see which of your enemies is around the corner from you. Technically, this isn't

Must Have Fallout 4 Mods

There are few mods to the game that I believe are Must Have Fallout 4 Mods. And before I get into them, I do want to warn you that Steam/Bethesda has no official support for mods. As such, you will need

Best Wildstar F2P addons

Why do you need to know which are the Best Wildstar F2P addons? With Wildstar having recently gone F2P, it's time to look for the most useful and best Wildstar F2P addons for the game. This list contains 8 of

Chucks WoT Modpack – World of Tanks

Chucks WoT Modpack does a variety of things to the World of Tanks game interface. It's actually a combination of several different mods, which work together well, and create a package that some might consider borderline cheating. None of the

Manipulate the Auction House – WoW

This method to Manipulate the Auction House, may actually work for other games which use some sort or 3rd party AH tracking tool. When we Manipulate the Auction House, we are going to, over the course of a few hours lower or

Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod

The Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod, adds stress to the game. By stress, I mean that being awake, causes stress. Being in combat, increases stress. Being low on health causes stress. Radiation poisoning causes even more stress. You get the idea...

Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android

Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android

What does the Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android do for you? It works the same as an unmodded version, except that ads are removed and you gain unlimited bandwidth. A VPN allows you mask and hide your IP, as

Archeage Render Game Mod

The Archeage Render Game Mod, is a modification to the game files which will change the way the game displays to you. File modification is against the TOS, but if you follow the directions explicitly, you should have no problems. See

Angry Birds Epic Mod – Unlimited Everything

The Angry Birds Epic 1.0.9 Mod removes all ads and provides unlimited coins, plus a couple other features which I am sure you will love. Everything will be set at unlimited, so you won't need to worry about running out

How to install addons in ESO


If you are new to the idea of addons, then understand that addons are player written features or enhancements for games. This tutorial will teach you How to install addons in ESO.  Heres Octech's Top Must Have Launch addons/mods. There are a

Minecraft XBox Controller

XBox Controller

Do you want to enable a Minecraft XBox Controller for use with your Minecraft game? This simple tool allows you to use a pad with functionality over the default controls of Minecraft. Extract the Java plugin Run plugin Plug in control

Skyrim: How to Create a Custom Follower or Companion

Followers in Skyrim can be handy in a pinch, and make for great pack mules, but if you've put a few hundred hours into Skyrim, you're probably getting a little bored of the housecarls and hirelings. You might even be

Torchlight 2: Money Achievements Guide

This guide will teach you how to earn the following achievements (with or without modding); The One Percent Gambling Fiend Trash Magnate Socketeer Ice Breaker

Path of Exile: Basics to Crafting Guide

Crafting in Path of Exile isn't like most other games. You don't start with basic components and then build an item. Instead with PoE, you start with a pre-made item, and change it's abilities, stats, or spells. You can change

Path of Exiles: Endgame Maps explained

In Path of Exile, different maps can "drop" off of mobs. These maps are white items, which will allow you and a group of people to enter into the map - ONCE. You will be the "guardian" of the map,