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PoE Modding Tools with Mods

If you're like me and can't afford all the new good looking gear Path of Exile has to offer, you might be interested in this PoE Modding Tools with Mods. Among other things it can take the micro-transaction armors and allow your

Torchlight 2: Money Achievements Guide

This guide will teach you how to earn the following achievements (with or without modding); The One Percent Gambling Fiend Trash Magnate Socketeer Ice Breaker

SWTOR 3: Beginners guide to Modding Gear

This isn't the end-all guide, but rather a beginners guide which will teach you what you need to know about modding items and gear including which items can be modded and how to apply the mods. You should check out

SWTOR: Orange Bracers/Belts – Where, Why, How Much

Orange Bracers and Belts, are hot on the GTN right now. They are so hot on the GTN, that it makes for a really hot explosion potential to make credits, or to even use them for your own characters. This