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MyVegas Chip Collector

You can use this MyVegas Chip Collector to collect bonus chips daily. If you do it often enough, you will be able to collect an additional 20k chips daily (this is the daily max now). It's not as much as I

Earn More MyVegas Loyalty Points on Android

Did you know it's possible to Earn More MyVegas Loyalty Points on Android then you already do? There are 2 tricks, which will help you here, keep reading and I will tell you about them. By now, I hope you have read

13 Life Hacks to Planning your Vacation

Once in a while, I like to throw in a Life Hack - and in this case, it's something important which will help anyone - 13 Life Hacks to Planning your Vacation. I recently spoke with a man who was

Avoid MyVegas Shows Seating Fee

How to Avoid MyVegas Shows Seating Fee when getting multiple seats from multiple accounts, to sit near each other. The  seating fee per person is an insult! In case you didn't know it, MyVegas support is now charging $15 if

MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam Revealed

I think of all the bull$hit out there for MyVegas, the MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam is probably the best. They claim, that you will get to use various cheat codes within the game, and all you need to do is perform

Earn Comps with Total Rewards

In order to Earn Comps with Total Rewards, which can then be used at various Harrah's properties, you will need to join their program, and then join their Social Rewards program. This is Caesar's-Harrah's answer to the MyVegas apps which work

Force First Spin Wins – MyVegas Cheat

I decided it's time to share how to Force First Spin Wins. Now if you aren't familiar with the First Spin Win rule, let me explain. Any new game which comes out for the Facebook version of MyVegas, will almost always

MyVegas Auto Chip Collector

MyVegas Auto Chip Collector. Oooh, what a mouth full. I thought that you should all know, that one of these babies is finally back on the scene. I have been testing it, and using it to grab more then my

When Traveling Use Orbitz

When Traveling Use Orbitz. There is a reason, this is true. Why, because of their discounts and Orbucks. Orbucks is their loyalty rewards. So first when you goto their site, you're going to see a few different options. Since I like

Card Counter Trick – Casino Blackjack

I don't usually post anything to do with any Card Counter Trick on Casino Blackjack, but the other night I saw an awesome strategy. This method actually allows you set the deck up with the proper count, and fool everyone into

Win More MyVegas Jackpots tricks

Maximize Chip Gain Strategy Guide

There are 2 ways to ensure that you Win More MyVegas Jackpots. The first way to Win More MyVegas Jackpots, depends on when you play. It's best to play in the early mornings around 4am to 7am PST. I am

Locals Use Out-Of-Town MyVegas Rewards trick

MyVegas logo small

There are 2 parts to this Locals Use Out-Of-Town MyVegas Rewards trick. This is only for locals to Las Vegas, which includes Mesquite NV and Laughlin NV (as wells as the Las Vegas suburbs) or anywhere else which is restricted from

MyVegas Mobile Auto Chip Collector

Instead of creating a specific tool to grab those free chips every 4 hours, I am going to teach you to make your own MyVegas Mobile Auto Chip Collector. First off, you will need a Windows System to do this. It

Purchase Airline Tickets Completing Surveys

It might seem a little strange that I am telling members here that they can Purchase Airline Tickets Completing Surveys. It's because we exploit and macro the game called MyVegas! For years now, I have been a card carrying member of Treasure

MyVegas Coupons Cheat Theory

MyVegas Coupons Cheat

This MyVegas Coupons Cheat is theoretical at this point, and I will need some more time to test it, but it's worth mentioning, so that others can also test it out. In theory, it should be possible to apply more then

Collect 20k MyVegas Chip Share Max Quickly Method

Collect 20k MyVegas Chip Feed Max Quickly Method

To use the Collect 20k MyVegas Chip Share Max Quickly Method, you only need about 20 minutes. I used to use a macro, and just use a chip feed aggregation tool to grab them while I was at work. Sometimes, I

Snipe 2001 MyVegas Chip Shares

Snipe 2001 Chips Shares

In order to Snipe 2001 Chips Shares, which are good for one, and one click only, we need to do a bit of prep work. Once the prep work is complete however, you will easily be able to grab each

Trimming MyVegas Friends & Neighbors

Trimming your MyVegas Friends

By now, if you've followed any of my advice, its time to start Trimming MyVegas Friends. Of course, you might not need to do this, but following my own advice, I have many many many "friends" on Facebook. There comes a

Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced method

MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick

It's time to update the LP Loyalty trick to the Collecting MyVegas Loyalty Advanced method. This is because some of you do follow my methods religiously (smart thinking on your part). Assuming for a moment, that you are following one of

Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends – No FaceBook Jail

I have been using a technique to Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends. That is, to invite upwards of 50 people to become friends, a day. I have found a trick, which will allow me to stay out of Facebook Jail - which