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Neverwinter Prayer Bot

Neverwinter Prayer Bot

The Neverwinter Prayer Bot is a new bot, which includes the source code. It will do a run once every 62 minutes for 3 invoking runs, and can be left while AFK next to a campfire or prayer spot. Your account will

Daily MMO Workout Routine


While this Daily MMO Workout Routine was actually made for World of Warcraft, there is no reason you can't use it while playing any other MMO including Rift, Wildfire, Neverwinter, Lotro, etc. I don't however seeing this apply to Plant versus Zombies

Neverwinter Bank for non-guilded players

If you aren't part of a guild, then finding a Neverwinter Bank might be a bit difficult. There are actually 2 different storage options which you can use, and you don't have to be in a guild to use them.

There are a couple Neverwinter Loot trick which I have been doing, and so far it has netted me some pretty good items, with none the wiser for my actions. It does help if you are running a dungeon against

Neverwinter PvP Guide PDF Download

Do you want to know the pro secrets on how to create a strong, Pro PvP team? Are you determined to learn in-your-face battle tactics to dominate battlegrounds? Do you want to be know first-hand, skill rotations and builds the

Neverwinter PvP Guide & Tips

Neverwinter PvP  (Player vs Player), like any other game, can be extremely frustrating, intimidating, and painful. It tends to be one of those things that if you like it, you love it. Or if you hate it, you despise it. My goal is

Neverwinter DC Sentinel Tank PVP Build

Neverwinter DC Sentinel Tank PvP Build written by gctrl Typically what you see most Devoted Clerics doing when trying to increase their survival chance is to stack a significant amount of Regeneration (usually in the 1000-1400 range) However, when it

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric Impact Build

written by sirgleno Classes are all distinct and have their own class-exclusive powers, feats, stat bonuses, and  gear. Devoted Clerics (now referred to simply as Clerics) can be built to provide good burst dps and control, while still filling the

Neverwinter: 5 tricks to beating Caverns of Karrundax, easily

By some, these might be construed as cheats, so use at your own risk. These are 5 ways to bypass the junk mobs and come right to the bosses you want to fight in Caverns of Karrundax, then destroy them

Neverwinter: OP Control Wizard Pure Damage Build & Guide

This build, is what's commonly referred to as a “glass cannon” build. This means that it outputs high amounts of DPS, but can't really take much damage in turn. Its for those, who can dodge red circles and stay away

Neverwinter: Control Wizard Oppressor PvP Guide

I would like to share some knowledge on the oppressor PvP build. It's a tree that I enjoy a lot for this particular part of the game. I will not go in depth of analysis of every wizard encounter and

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric PvP Guide & Build

My current build is for max AoE heals / buffs / debuffs. I’ve found that it’s super hard to single target heal and it’s easier to just drop AoE’s and stay mobile rather than kiting enemies and being kited by

Neverwinter: Renegade Control Wizard OP DPS & Control Guide

There is plenty of information out there on soft caps, best balance/use of stats. I am following the same information as everyone else should be. I will add one thing however, when it comes to focusing on stats a CW

Neverwinter: Infinite Chest Loot

This Chest Loot bug, will allow you to reload the chest in question, an infinite amount of times after looting it, without leaving the instance. So basically, with a bit of planning, you can choose your loot which you want

Neverwinter: Guardian Fighter Hybrid Tank PvE Build & Guide

This build started off as a simple way to counter the expensive respec costs that exist in the game. The initial purpose of the build was to create a spec that was viable for both PvE tanking, foundry/questing solo play,

Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue Stealth Executioner Build Guide

Stealth is such a wonderful mechanic as it gives us the ability to become undetectable to most, if not all monsters in PVE, as well as some players in PVP. This in turn increases our overall survivability and also allows

Neverwinter: Getting Astral Diamonds In Game Free guide

Many have lots of questions about Neverwinter, and many more are crying about how the game is “pay to win”. Here’s a short concise guide to how you can get Astral Diamonds in game for free, so that you too,

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric OP Overhealing Build & Guide

You are here for one reason and that is to find out how I play the Devoted Cleric and why this build is considered Over Powered. I shall start with the stats. Here is a screenshot of my gear: Yep, I

Neverwinter: Easy AFK leveling for Ranged Class

This is a modification of an idle leveling method, which can be used in any window size with easy setup. It is for Ranged Classes, but does not work for melee classes.

Neverwinter: How to Avoid Fall Damage with Guardian Fighter

In most cases, using some kind of dodge ability right before you land, will cause you to avoid damage, and this is true for all classes except for the Guardian Fighter. With the Guardian Fighter, you don't have this option,

Scam: How to sell gold, without losing it

I am not much into scams, but if you're buying from a private party, you should know these things, so you don't get scammed by the person. Generally speaking, buying from most websites is safe, though of course that's not