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News: Adobe Reader 0-Day exploit found – Trojan Dropper

In what might well become a dangerous exploit to have on hand, a group out of Russia called Group-IB have claimed to have found a 0-day (pre-release) exploit which could turn Adobe Reader into a Trojan Dropper. The bad part

Warning: Do you use Opera Browser on Mac, Windows, or Linux?

It turns out there is a vulnerability, which can easily be remedied with a little tweak of your settings. If you don't do it, then it's possible that someone can do an XSS attack and steal your cookies - which

Clickbank Decides to cut down crappy guides

You hate it when I refer you to a crappy guide, and so does ClickBank. While I ask guide writers for access to their guide, to verify active or current content, it's not always possible. So Clickbank, in their divine

Rift Builds: Delayed

I was hoping to post my OP Cleric DPS build today, as well as more builds over the next few days, but it seems that Zam's site is bugging out. I haven't been able to properly make the builds as

Top 25 Most Common and Worst Passwords of 2012

You would think, with all the hacking going on around the world today, that people by now, would use a password manager and a more secure password, but it seems that some people will never learn... and for that they

FFXIV: Can ‘A Realm Reborn’ expansion, save the game?

Square Enix, developers of the hugely popular Final Fantasy franchise, continue to attempt to revive the fallen Final Fantasy XIV with a new letter from the producer. The letter discusses the changes to the game with the upcoming release of

Scandal: Diablo Dev was a Gold Farmer!

“It started small” he says, hesitantly. We’ve been passing mail back and forward for months on the topic, but this is the first time he has been willing to sit down and discuss it with me. “We would joke in

GW2: Cracking Down on botters – 1600 banned so far

Oh yah baby, they are really cracking down on GW2 botters. ArenaNet continues to exclaim how they are cracking down, improving their detection, and well banning people. Of course they claim a direct link to gold sellers and spammers, and

WoW: Are you ready for the Mists of Pandaria?

Let's cover some of the changes you'll run into with the latest expansion for World of Warcraft. One of the most notable changes is the complete overhaul of the character talent system. All classes have been updated with a new

It’s all about the perspective

This has nothing to do with games (for the most part, lol). It's a scale which will allow you to zoom in or out to compare the sizes of things as compared to the average size of a human. It's

Otherland MMO Closed Beta Starts Today

If you aren't sure what Otherland is, allow me to give you a brief run down. Otherland by Tad Williams is a 4 book series in which a super computer is "built" which allows people to transfer their consciousness into

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan release pushed back to Oct 15

news submitted by Tom Riddle Letter from the Producer: Riders of Rohan Update Riders of Rohan news from Kate Paiz, Executive Producer We’ve had a very successful Beta program with some of the largest and most active beta player populations

D3: Paragon System to be added to Patch 1.0.4

Yesterday, Blizzard announced a new Rift like system of Ascension Levels called the Paragon system. In Rift, this means that once you hit 50, you can gain points to level up core skills or attributes. For Diablo 3, it's going

Warez: How far is far enough?

So I went searching Google for some information for a friend who wanted info on body building, and came across this video. It's funny in the sense, that it's almost true - or could be true in the near future.

ArenaNet Trade Show Schedule

Some of you have asked which tradeshows ArenaNet will attend this summer, so let me give you an update. Right now, the entire studio is focused on one thing: the launch of Guild Wars 2 on August 28. As a result,

TSW: New Content, New Event – Anniversary Celebration

It's an exciting time for The Secret World players, as new content is being released as well as freebies! In this case it's in the form of Fireworks. While it's always fun to set these babies off, we recommend holding

SWTOR: Going F2P this Fall

It was announced the other day that SWTOR will be going Free-to-play this fall. The subscriber base has dropped below 1 Million, and I guess thats the tipping point on games these days. o.O I remember when a super successful

Rift: 3 Faction PvP Now Live – Conquest PvP Event July 4-8

Maelforge and Laethys are dead, and with the Blood Storm on the run, the Ascended have splintered over philosophical differences. Three groups have risen among these mighty immortals, and their inter-dimensional war has come to a head in a battle

Rift: Storm Legion expansion announced – teaser video

There isn't much to say regarding the Rift: Storm Legion expansion at the moment, except to show you this trailer. I am however wondering what will happen with the planar attunement and how it will affect levels, if they add

Diablo 3: Server Hiccups on Launch Day – Error 75

Server Hiccups aka Server Maintenance has plagued Diablo 3 on launch day.  A few friends have mentioned that they have been unable to get into the game or worse disconnected during play. This probably has something to do with the servers

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