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Civilization 6 Trainer +22 – FLiNG

This Civilization 6 Trainer +22 by FLiNG works with versions 1.0 to v1.0.0.194 and will add several features to the game including 1-turn research, 1-turn civics, Add 1000 Influence, Infinite Unit movement (explore the world an a moment), and infinite gold. Of

Fragmented Game Hack – Early Access Release

If you play Fragmented, or have thought about playing, then you might want to use this Fragmented Game Hack to not only level up faster, but to avoid damage, while at the same time inflicting maximum damage. I know it's a

Town Teleport – Diablo 3 Cheat

This is just a simple Town Teleport Diablo 3 Cheat. It will allow you to teleport to town, even though your character is taking damage. Use it when you are about to die, or you need to escape quickly. This also works

Hunter PvP Invulnerability trick – World of Warcraft

At any time, being able to take no damage for a time can easily make the difference between a win and a loss in PvP. this trick will give your Hunter PvP Invulnerability for 12 seconds. it's just a matter of

WoW: Avoid All Damage for 20-60 seconds

There is an item, which will cause you to receive absolutely no damage from enemies, on any class. The downside to this item, is that it is not useable in Raids, Battlegrounds, nor Dungeons. However it's possible to spam the

Neverwinter: No fall damage trick

It's possible to avoid all fall damage on a rogue, with this little trick. Mind you, it might work for other classes, but we haven't tested it to verify yet. If it works in a similar manner, please let us

League of Legends: How to kill Dragon taking no damage trick

To do this cheat, you will need 1 (or more) friend. It's a trick of alternating attacks, so that the dragon can target neither of you to get an attack in, on your champion.

Diablo 3: Kill any mob, with ranged, take no damage

I was really surprised to see this exploit. It's an awesome one, which probably won't even be detected, it's that awesome, lol. This will allow you to take on any mob or group of mobs which do not have ranged

WoW: Invincible God Mode, No damage, Solo Dragon Soul Boss

This "Godmode" will allow you to become invincible for upto 15 minutes. We recommend you use this to take out bosses, solo in instances such as in Dragon Soul. You will be able to attack them, but they won't be able to

World of Tanks: Invincibility Exploit?

I haven't really gotten the chance to completely test this, so I do not know for sure if this works against all tanks. In this case, I was using a light tank, against another light tank, and it couldn't hurt

Runes of Magic: Fall off big heights, no fall damage trick

If you are up on a tower or mountain, and you need to get down, without dying, follow these simple steps to easily get down, without taking a lot of damage and dying.

Aion: No Fall damage, when out of Airtime

This is one of those things that makes people day, duh, why didn't I think of that, or I already knew that.  But it's a tip that people should all know, and will help you, if you are close to