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Advanced Tactics and Game Mechanics – Fortnite

Once you've 'Mastered' the basics of Fortnite, then it will be time to learn Advanced Tactics and Game Mechanics. These advanced tactics and the knowledge you will gain will help you to do some improbable things, which others will use to

Archeage Multihack – Fly, 5x Speed, No Fall Damage

This Archeage Multihack is working and undetected as of 10/13/17. It contains the following game hacks; Flying, 5x Speed, and No Fall Damage. While other game hacks are in the works, those are not available yet, and won't be mentioned at

Biohazard Game Hack – Radar & 1 Shot

At some point, you will realize just how powerful this Biohazard Game Hack really is. However just to give you an idea, it includes ESP which is short for saying that it has radar and a crap ton of other features

WoW: Avoid All Damage for 20-60 seconds

There is an item, which will cause you to receive absolutely no damage from enemies, on any class. The downside to this item, is that it is not useable in Raids, Battlegrounds, nor Dungeons. However it's possible to spam the

Neverwinter: How to Avoid Fall Damage with Guardian Fighter

In most cases, using some kind of dodge ability right before you land, will cause you to avoid damage, and this is true for all classes except for the Guardian Fighter. With the Guardian Fighter, you don't have this option,

Neverwinter: No fall damage trick

It's possible to avoid all fall damage on a rogue, with this little trick. Mind you, it might work for other classes, but we haven't tested it to verify yet. If it works in a similar manner, please let us

WoW: Warlock Tricks – Wall Climbing & Teleport though Walls

Game exploit compilation for Warlocks includes Wall climbing, Mini Bottled Tornado, Teleport though Walls, and how to Stop in Mid-Air after jumping off a cliff.

Tera Online: No Fall Damage exploit

This is a simple exploit which will allow you to jump from any cliff or mountain and receive little to no damage. This is great for chasing someone down in PvP or getting into hidden areas.

Minecraft v1.8.1 Single Player Hacks

This is a set up Single Player Hacks, which you can use for yourself. note that this will not work on multi-player worlds, however we are sure you will have lots of fun with these new commands! 🙂 Normal Commands

Rift: No Fall Damage from Cliffs and Steep Slopes cheat

I have tested this one personally, and fallen, from what should have killed my character, multiple times over. It works... and it's not a game hack. It is however a cheat, and as such, should not be shown to others.

Runes of Magic: Fall off big heights, no fall damage trick

If you are up on a tower or mountain, and you need to get down, without dying, follow these simple steps to easily get down, without taking a lot of damage and dying.

Aion: No Fall damage, when out of Airtime

This is one of those things that makes people day, duh, why didn't I think of that, or I already knew that.  But it's a tip that people should all know, and will help you, if you are close to