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Jurassic World Alive – Tips & Tricks

I am not going to claim to be a master when it comes to Jurassic World Alive, but I have picked up a few tips & tricks which I am going to share with you. What is Jurassic World Alive? I can

What is a Node? A Black Desert Online Guide

What is a Node? A node is a point on the map that contains either a small village / farm, a city or a point of interest. A few node examples are when we find them in Farms, Cities, and Points

GW2: Sanctum of Rall node map

If you have been curious on where to find certain nodes, then this is going to be a windfall for you. This map contains the Sanctum of Rall nodes.  It contains Orichalcum Veins, Orrian / Ancient Saplings, Omnomberry, Chests, Coral,

Tera: Endless Loot of Herbs, Ore, and Essence nodes

This is a trick which will allow you to neigh endlessly farm the same node every 5-10 seconds. This can be either a mineral or a herb node, and either works great.

WoW: Sarsonite Farming Tips & Route Map

Here's a route and some tricks to getting the Sarsonite from farming, even though there may be competition in the area.  I have been leveling my blacksmithing, and found I needed some 882 Sarsonite ore's.  Now being the frugal kinda

Aion: Node Finder

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