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Noob vs Pro Agar.io Video

I have been playing a while now but when I came across this Noob vs Pro Agar.io Video, and was using it to show a friend who plays Battlefield 1, the ultimate PVP game imho, I realized I should also share

Battlefield 1 Overview & Guide

With this Battlefield 1 Overview, we'll go over some of the basics of the game, including a general overview, ranking up, classes, and how to get good at the game. Hopefully this will get you on your way to becoming a

ESO Tank Build & Starter Guide

Instead of going the route of a specialized ESO Tank Build for the elite to become overpowered, I decided to share a more generic ESO Tank Build, which focuses not on the best of the best gear, but crafted gear and general

Tips, Tricks, Useful Data – SWU

After playing this game on my Android, and answering countless questions while leveling, I decided to create a Tips, Tricks, Useful Data Quick Reference Guide for the finer points of SWU. It will give you an edge up while upgrading,

Wildstar Player Tips

With Wildstar going Free-2-play tomorrow, we figured some Wildstar Player Tips might be something that many of you might be interested in. Obviously, these tips aren't for everyone, and some of them might seem obvious. Most likely you are going to

Archeage New Players Tips

Here is a small selection of Archeage New Players Tips to help you get started if you are going to try out Archeage. For any new game, or rather new game to you, tips from veteran players are always useful.

Maximizing Rift Player Experience

Maximizing Rift Player Experience

Maximizing Rift Player Experience means teaching you not just the fastest way to level, but more importantly how to play your character, the way you want to. I post to quite a few different boards and one of the things

Marvel Heroes: Beginner’s FAQ

Experienced players of MMO's may learn new information, when it comes to the way Marvel Heroes' game mechanics work. New players will learn the most important aspects of the game with this Beginner's Frequently Asked Questions guide.

Battle Pirates: Updated Beginners Tips and Tricks

Since Battle Pirates first began, there have been many many updates to the game. This has rapidly changed the way the game should now be played, and it changes the advice I originally wrote for Battle Pirates, when I played

World of Warplanes: Beginners Guide

Fans of World of Tanks may fall in love with World of Warplanes. It's afterall by the same company, Wargaming. However there are some huge differences including that of having an additional dimension to worry about, which is the air

League of Legends: Five Champions for the new player

We all had to start somewhere as beginners. In League of Legends, some of us played around with the free champions. Others purchased a cheap champion and stuck it as their "main". When I started, I wasn't really familiar with

SWTOR: Top Tips for new players

In order to jump start your gameplay, we recommend these SWTOR tips to new players because these are the ones which will help you the most when you are just starting out. You can use these SWTOR tips to start leveling

Call Of Duty – Black Ops 2: Beginners Tips For Online Play

When you are starting out with Black Ops 2 it can be tough! This guide will show you a video that will give you some general tips that you can use if you are brand new to the game. The

Minecraft: Mini-Starter Guide

For people who just started playing this game. One of the things you should be having in background when playing this game is Minecraft Wiki. There you find all what you can craft and how you have to craft it if you

Rift: In-Depth guide to Tanking

written by Elicas@TT From: Tank Telara Intro to Tanking This guide shouldn't hold too much any current min-maxers in other MMO's do not already know, and is more of a repository of knowledge for nearly 10 years of MMO tanking

Evony: Guide for Beginners

written by Ainarand This Evony guide is for people just starting out in playing the game, or thinking about joining. In the past Evony has had a reputation for being dominated by bullys and being hard to get to understand, but both

Allods Online – Quick Start Beginner Empire Walkthrough

Unlike the League in Allods Online, the Empire doesn’t have several waypoints before reaching a mainland allod. Players will partake in a tutorial after creating a character for the Empire and then they are instantly thrust into the pre-modern city where most of the

Star Trek Online: Beginners Game Guide

This game guide will help Star Trek Online newbies learn how to get started on Star Trek Online; from getting the game to playing it on your computer! Contents: I. What is Star Trek Online? Overview Star Trek Online (or

World of Warcraft: Beginner’s DK Guide

I am here today to show you my own personal guide that I have written to help out those in need. I hope you enjoy the guide and use it as much as you will.

Aion: Basic Crafting guide for all professions

In Aion, there are six different crafting skills: Alchemy, Armorsmithing, Cooking, Handicrafting, Sewing, and Weaponsmithing. In order to learn a craft, you must find that craft’s expert from your race’s major city and pay ~3,500 Kinah.