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There are a couple Neverwinter Loot trick which I have been doing, and so far it has netted me some pretty good items, with none the wiser for my actions. It does help if you are running a dungeon against

Neverwinter: OP Control Wizard Pure Damage Build & Guide

This build, is what's commonly referred to as a “glass cannon” build. This means that it outputs high amounts of DPS, but can't really take much damage in turn. Its for those, who can dodge red circles and stay away

Neverwinter: Control Wizard Oppressor PvP Guide

I would like to share some knowledge on the oppressor PvP build. It's a tree that I enjoy a lot for this particular part of the game. I will not go in depth of analysis of every wizard encounter and

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric PvP Guide & Build

My current build is for max AoE heals / buffs / debuffs. I’ve found that it’s super hard to single target heal and it’s easier to just drop AoE’s and stay mobile rather than kiting enemies and being kited by

Neverwinter: Renegade Control Wizard OP DPS & Control Guide

There is plenty of information out there on soft caps, best balance/use of stats. I am following the same information as everyone else should be. I will add one thing however, when it comes to focusing on stats a CW

Neverwinter: Infinite Chest Loot

This Chest Loot bug, will allow you to reload the chest in question, an infinite amount of times after looting it, without leaving the instance. So basically, with a bit of planning, you can choose your loot which you want

Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue Stealth Executioner Build Guide

Stealth is such a wonderful mechanic as it gives us the ability to become undetectable to most, if not all monsters in PVE, as well as some players in PVP. This in turn increases our overall survivability and also allows

Neverwinter: Getting Astral Diamonds In Game Free guide

Many have lots of questions about Neverwinter, and many more are crying about how the game is “pay to win”. Here’s a short concise guide to how you can get Astral Diamonds in game for free, so that you too,

Neverwinter: Easy AFK leveling for Ranged Class

This is a modification of an idle leveling method, which can be used in any window size with easy setup. It is for Ranged Classes, but does not work for melee classes.

Neverwinter: How to Avoid Fall Damage with Guardian Fighter

In most cases, using some kind of dodge ability right before you land, will cause you to avoid damage, and this is true for all classes except for the Guardian Fighter. With the Guardian Fighter, you don't have this option,

Neverwinter: Cleric Critical Build Guide

This is an endgame Cleric build… if you aren’t level 60, then you need to level up before you attempt to pwn dungeons with this build. If you are in a good group with the right gears and builds, you

Neverwinter: Fastest way to reaching the endgame guide

After watching constant zone spams (how do I start farming, what items should I take, what to do once you reach 60, how to increase my GS for pre t1/t1 dungeons). I’ve decided to write a really short guide in

Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue Stats Guide

Since a breakdown of what stats do and how they work for the trickster rogue, has been requested, I decided to write this guide to both offensive and defensive stats.

Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue T1 and T2 Armor Sets List

 This is all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 armor sets for the Trickster Rogue. We show you the stats and where each of the items for the sets drop.

Neverwinter: Perma-Stealth Rogue Build & Guide

This build is meant for PvP only, it focuses on Recovery Stats and Intelligence; INT being your primary Ability Score for CD reduction. With this combination you will have a high amount of Cool Down reduction for your skills "Shadow

Neverwinter: Farm Quick Respawning mobs for loot, gold, exp

There is a quest right at the beginning of the game, where if you don't complete the objective, you can continuously destroy repeat spawning mobs, gaining loot, experience, and gold.  Use this spot to farm gold/loot or level up.

Neverwinter: Make Astral Diamonds with Crafting guide

I was a little shocked at how little people understand about crafting. So below is a guide which will teach you how to make Astral Diamonds. I have made in excess of 50m Astral Diamonds, and am now passing on

Neverwinter: Free Lord of Winterdeep Pack & Title

Sign up and get your free key for the following: Potion of Fortification x10 Potion of Reflexes x10 Potion of Lesser Healing x10 Portable Altar x5 Identify Scrolls (bound) x5 Lord of Waterdeep Title This is worth the hassle just

Neverwinter: Astral Diamond Farming Method

This technically isn't an exploit, but it is an easy way to get Astral Diamonds for free, with little work. If you have a bot for Neverwinter you can have it do most of the work for you.

Neverwinter: Server-Side Nude Character Exploit

Amazingly, this isn't a game hack, but rather an exploit to give your character a topless appearance. Your character will be able to run around topless, and have others see the effect.

Neverwinter: Spider Temple Fast Run

About a week ago, there was a patch which was supposed to have fixed bypassing the mobs and bosses in Spider Temple. It worked... but a new way has been found to get to the last boss quickly, and then