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WoW Offsets

If you're making bots or game hacks, these WoW Offsets are an integral part of that process. Whether you are using them to read memory, or to manipulate it and thus the game, knowing the precise locations makes is an

DayZ Pattern Finder

The DayZ Pattern Finder will scan your DayZ files in the opes of finding "offsets" which can then be exploited. We know it works for the current version of DayZ (.59) may or may not work for later versions.

Tool: AutoIt Offset Finder (source code)

So you've got this bot source code, and you want to update the offsets... but you don't want to do it manually via CheatEngine. Here's where you use a tool (which you will need to adapt for your needs), to

Rift: WARNING – Trion Changing the Way Offsets are Detected

Trion is changing the way offsets are detected in Rift, and are making their anti-bot/game-hack software much more stronger. Until this new method is cracked, its advisable that you do not use any game hacks or bots. Even if the