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Battlefield 4: Oct 29 Release Date – Free Open Beta

Battlefield 4 is coming. will it be as impressive as GTAV has been? Well the easiest way to check is to get in on their open beta. You can do this now if you goto their website, and download the

ESO: Elder Scrolls Online Seeking Beta Testers

Most likely the beta testers they are seeking will be for stress testing the servers, but possibly to get people interested in the game. Since it's a bit of an open call for beta testers think of it as limited

Tera Online: Open Beta Key

I received this notification in my email today. Here's your chance to get the Tera Online open beta key and apply it to your account, for a limited 1 week experience Welcome to the TERA Open Beta test. Starting on

Tera online: Open Beta Test – All welcome to attend!

I just received an email alerting me of the new Open Beta Test for Tera Online! The most interesting aspect of it however was the mention that there will be no character wipe after the beta adventure. I am not

Elgium Open Beta Announced

Frogster (makers of Runes of Magic) have announced the release date of their Open Beta for Elgium. While Open Beta usually means a game will go Pay-to-Play at the end, and likely cost you money, we believe that Elgium will

Tera Online: Release Date Announced

We recently announced that Tera Online was looking for beta testers. Now it seems they have also decided when exactly there will be no more bugs in the code, or not enough that you will notice. This date has been

Age of Empires Online: Limited Open Beta, this weekend only

It has been announced that Age of Empires, which has been in closed beta, will be "opening it's doors" this weekend, allowing for anyone to sign up and play. but like everything else, there is a catch. You have to

Rift: Patch notes between Beta #7 (Open Beta) and Head Start

See below for the list of changes between Beta #7 (Open Beta) and Head Start. Welcome to Rift! === FEATURED === * Added new UI section for class-specific mechanics (Pacts, Convictions, etc) on Player and Target portraits. * Added Ancient

Rift Release Date Announced!

I am kind of excited about this one. I got to play a beta weekend last month, and I was sold within a short while. This is the game I am leaving WoW for. WoW has gotten to be extremely