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Battle Pirates: When overwhelmed, play possum

You've been attacked, your base is wiped out, it will take days to repair your fleets, days which you don't want to wait for, so you pay to repair faster, you pay to get your ships back in action, and

Battle Pirates: Base Design with Defense in mind

A base is never indestructable, but you should try and make it as hard as possible to hit so that potential attackers will go after easier targets. All bases should have: Good tower coverage where most of the defence platforms

Battle Pirates: Attacking enemy bases, where it hurts the most

As you get higher in level, you will notice that as you attack the enemy, they have Bombard Rockets, to defend against mortar rounds. You will also start to notice that other then this, they will usually have mortars and

Battle Pirates: Rethinking Strategies, base design & defense

Last night, after talking with a friend, I decided to change a few of my strategies including base design, tactics, and general layout. I think for the most part, I found a winner.

Battle Pirates: Keys to attacking someone else’s base

I am not going to go into targets here, if you have been reading my guides, you already know the targets to hit. Instead I am going to give you a few checkpoints, so you will be able to do

System Protection… use it or lose it

I like to update you about the tools, that I use to protect my system from account thieves (trojans/keyloggers), spyware, and viruses.