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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

OP Winning Strategy – PUBG

If you've played Playerunknowns Battleground, then you might not have realized there is an OP Winning Strategy, which some players use to win more often. It's easy to run hut to hut, taking out your enemies, and sometimes to avoid them,

OP Demon Hunter Build’s – Diablo 3

Can we get some love for Demon Hunters with Diablo 3, v2.4? Sure we can, and these 7 OP Demon Hunter Build's, will get you started. Demon Hunters have several setups with very comparable potential and distinctly unique gameplay. All

Timewalking Dungeon DPS Boost – WoW

This Timewalking Dungeon DPS Boost for Deathknights however has me a bit baffled, as far as WoW Cheats go. It will Increase your DPS to OP levels! By Over-Powered I'm talking about increasing your DPS to almost 20x what you should

TSW Over Powered Regeneration Build & Guide

Often people try healing builds out only to realize the benefit of a passive that heals you 20, 30, or 40 HP/second is inconsequential past very early content. Theydon't want to  lock out a passive slot that could be used

Neverwinter: OP Control Wizard Pure Damage Build & Guide

This build, is what's commonly referred to as a “glass cannon” build. This means that it outputs high amounts of DPS, but can't really take much damage in turn. Its for those, who can dodge red circles and stay away

Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric OP Overhealing Build & Guide

You are here for one reason and that is to find out how I play the Devoted Cleric and why this build is considered Over Powered. I shall start with the stats. Here is a screenshot of my gear: Yep, I

Neverwinter: Re-Stealth without waiting for recharge

This isn't really infinite stealth, the only feature it gives you is that you can stealth while your stealth bar is recharging which you couldn't before. It doesn't increase the recharge rate. However use of this game hack in PvP

Path of Exile: Seven Popular Duelist Builds

Duelist tree builds range anywhere from a tank like two-handed characters to elemental bow rangers. The builds listed are just some of the most popular ones that players are using, therefore if you need a basic guideline on how to

Path of Exile: Witch Cold Crit Build Guide

This build is not by any means “perfect”. However, I wish to see it head in that direction. There seems to be a ton of threads/posts in regards to Cold Crit witches. Hopefully this guide will help at least one

Rift: Over Powered Cleric Healing Build

On my Cleric Healing build, I have an instant cast Damage over Time (DoT), which I like to tap each of the mobs we are fighting with. This allows me not only to heal, but to contribute in ways of

Rift: Overpowered Warrior Tank Build Void Knight-Paladin

Many things have changed with the recent patch. Mostly the builds and trees affect us however, as these affect the way we play. Before you wonder or ask, let me assure you that this build is overpowered in the amount

Rift: OP Mage End-Game PvE Guide and Spec

written by bluedot In this guide I will cover stat priorities, itemization, damage parsers, macros, consumables and the best specs and their rotation. This guide is meant for people who want to progress as a mage in end-game PvE. I

Rift: OP Chloromancer Warlock Mage PvP Build

The point of this Chloromancer / Warlock build is to do mediocre burst damage, with high sustained damage over time, high healing, as well as survivability. While it is well known that Necromancer / Warlock is the best PVE build

Rift: Xerxes Leveling & Build Guide

First off, if you haven't checked out this guide yet, do so. It's a well thought out guide, which brings specific builds to Rift. Everything from Leveling, to PvE, to PvP builds, as well as different healing builds. It's a

Rift: Over Powered Rogue Build – Assassin Bard Marksman

written by Spitt, of mmoexploiters.com Before yesterday, I was running my previous Assassin build. This included a small amount on the Riftstalker tree, and a bit more invested in the Ranger tree. The idea, was to be a very versatile

OverPowered Mage Build – Necro, Lock, Chloro – Rift

Someone who hasn't played this Overpowered Mage Build combo, or wonders why the necro/warlock is considered over-powered by most people will take interest in this article. It's to explain the combination of spells which brings this one over the top.

Rift: Over Powered Cleric Build

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com I have leveled thus far to 31. The OP DPS Build seems to be Cabalist, Sentinel, Druid. I am able to solo 2-4 same level mobs, healing and AOE killing at the same. This is