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SC2: Official Video – Patch 2.0.10 Highlights

Blizzard's Kevin Knocke takes a look at a few of the many updates and improvements included in the new StarCraft II Patch 2.0.10, in this video.

Rift: Play Rift, when Rift is down for a patch

Nope, it's not a sandbox nor an emulator. There is a trick I have used to log into Rift when it's down for patching or maintenance. It's a simple trick, but allows me to avoid going to another game during

WoW: Trove of the Thunder King 10+ chest route

This Chest farming route was filmed on the PTR for patch 5.3, but we expect that it should work when it goes live. This is so reliable that after 4 times on the PTR my lowest number of chests was

Call of Duty – Black Ops II – Full Download with Crack

Yah, we got it here for you, one of the most anticipated games of 2012... Call of Duty Black Ops II. The PC (Windows) version, comes with a crack so you can play the non-online version start to finish. This

Rift: Overpowered Warrior Tank Build Void Knight-Paladin

Many things have changed with the recent patch. Mostly the builds and trees affect us however, as these affect the way we play. Before you wonder or ask, let me assure you that this build is overpowered in the amount

World of Tanks: Update, Changes to game play, New Strategies

So the other day there was a major update to the game design, and whoa! It's actually something which is a definite game changer. I presume the change has something to do with them using a new engine with World

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Beta Patch Notes

submitted by anonymous Introducing the Beta patch notes for Riders of Rohan, round 3. These notes were submitted by an unknown source providing all the information on recent changes to the game and patches. We take no credit nor can

SWTOR: Making Credits in patch 1.2

According to a developer blog post, there will be some changes coming in patch 1.2, mainly to crew skills. Supposedly the developers want to bring crafting to end game, which means they will be changing, enhancing, or even adding recipes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 – Full Download, Cracked

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3(c) Activision Release Date: November 8, 2011Protection: Steam 2Game Type: ShooterSize: 13.8 GB Purchase: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3or use link at bottom to download the cracked version, free Game Notes: Call of Duty: Modern

SWTOR – Patch Files to latest no login details

This is meant for educational purposes only, but will allow you to download all the latest patches for SWTOR beta, without having a proper account. What can you do with these files? You can see what is what, and possibly

WoW: Patch 4.2 News for Valor Points

Here's just a bit of World of Warcraft patch 4.2 news, which you should know, if you collect valor points for gear. It seems that all valor points will be converted to justice points, on patch 4.2. So use or

WoW Gold Tip: Patch 4.2 gold tip, horde these items

Here's another patch 4.2 gold tip, on an item or set of items which you should horde for the next big patch. This info is based on PTR patch notes as well as data mining, so heed the information well,

WoW: Gold Tip – Stock this item, for patch 4.2

As many of you know, I told you to stock up on a certain item, in a previous post. This time around, I want you to add another item, which will be needed by tailors BIG TIME in 4.2.

WoW: Save this item, make a killing on gold after patch 4.2

Well folks today is a rather big gold making tip for patch 4.2. Patch 4.2 is bringing a ton of new recipes & I was browsing through some of ptr wowhead stuff and I was looking at this item. I

Nintendo 3DS: Fix the Black Screen of Death

The Nintendo 3DS was launched during the last few days with special launch parties around the world, and many fans managed to get their hands on Nintendo’s new console. But it wasn’t long before users started reporting problems, with news

Rift: Headstart Patcher

So the Rift Headstart starts in half an hour... how many of you have patched to the newest version? If you try to login, you will get an error, and will need to first uninstall the beta version, and then

Rift (Planes of Telara): Intro Guide

This is the guide which comes along in the beta package. It is not the full guide which will be printed and made to look nice, but more of a quick read, beginners guide and key bindings. This will probably

World of Warcraft: Download Cataclysm, without pre-order

1) Open up your WTF folder found in your root directory 2) Open Launcher.WTF with a text editor (like Notepad) 3) Change: SET accountType "LK" to SET accountType "CT"

FFXIV: Full Client + Patches, Download via FTP

uploaded courtesy of DeathMage FFXIV Client Download Fullspeed Patches on the Way incl Tutorial The completed file must be copied to the following folder: The patches that update the download version (download client has a red background) you'll have

A history of Starcraft in 7 minutes

Great Video that goes over the history of the original Starcraft game's online play.

StarCraft 2 Beta: MapHack – 2 versions, for patch 17

Note there are 2 different versions of this, for the current patch.  If the first doesn't work, try the second. -=- As with all game hacks, use at your own risk. -=- Version #1 by CraniX Download: http://www.multiupload.com/UDMTMVTUYZ Version #2 by