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Gortens Fisherman – Working WoW Fishbot

Its always nice when you can find a Working WoW Fishbot such as Gortens Fisherman, especially after the disappearance of YetiBot's Wildcatch. But as it turns out, Gortens Fisherman is pixel based, and you need to go through some extra steps

Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot

This Overwatch Java Pixelbot Aimbot requires that you have Java Development Kit v8 or later installed. In actuality, it is an Incredibly efficient frame grabber, Optimized zero-garbage frame pixel scanner, with Extremely low CPU and memory usage, with minimal effect on FPS, and a Red-pixel HP

Overwatch Aimbot – Non-Injection Pixelbot

Overwatch Aimbot - Non-Injection Pixelbot - what all that means, is that it's non-invasive, a passive bot which will make your aiming easier in Overwatch. It helps you to create head-shots allowing for more damage. It can also help you

DarkOrbit Pixel Bot free

Should you get the DarkOrbit Pixel Bot? To answer this, we need to ask a couple questions. Do you play DarkOrbit? Do you wish you could take out some of the monotony out of DarkOrbit? If you do, then it's time

WoW: Working Pixel Fishbot

Some of the newer fishbots out there, require to be patched each and every update to WoW. This is usually because they actually read and or manipulate memory (which can result in a ban/suspension). This Fishbot however is not like

EVE: AutoIt script with Pixel detection

This is a simple AutoIt script which uses pixel detection to mine automatically.  The source code is provided so that you can edit it as you see fit.  This has been tested on the following resolutions 1600x1200, 1600x1024, 1280x1024, &