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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Find any Player trick – Black Desert Online

We're not going to judge why you want to use this Find any Player trick, because we know that there are many uses which can be used with this trick. For example, you see someone who wants to trade an item,

DayZ PK Gearing pvp trick

DayZ Gearing up trick

The easiest way to gear up in DayZ, is to do the DayZ PK Gearing pvp trick. The DayZ PK Gearing pvp trick is actually a very simple trick. All you need to do, is wait for a server reset, and then to

The Secret World: Noob Guide to PVP

PvP allows players to test their mettle and skills against other live players. Every fight against them becomes a unique experience that will change every time they fight. Even if you play the same player 50 times, each of those 50

WoW: Move Freely about Arena, before match starts exploit

This game breaking exploit allows you to move freely in the arena zone before the match starts. I am sure there are many tech savvy people that can find ways to do this without the method which I used, but

Path of Exile: PvP Multi-player Tips

One thing that I am starting to pickup from watching successful PvP groups, isn't so much that they have kiting down, or that they effectively use their spells while grouped, but more along the lines of cooperation.

Wizadry Online: Avoid PK Death tips and tricks

I see a lot of people whining about getting killed by player killers (PK) and I have some tips and tricks for you that will make it so that 90% of the time a PK'er or even a group of

News: Wizadry Online F2P – PvP HARD Style – Perma Death

Wizardry Online is a free-to-play, fantasy, hardcore MMO that takes elements from the original Wizardry games and re-imagines them as a modern MMO experience. In Wizardry Online, everything is trying to kill you. Ferocious monsters, deadly traps and other players

Guild Wars 2: Direct X Radar HUD – Show Hostiles & Players

Wouldn't it be cool, if you could tell exactly where an enemy player was hiding? Well now you can. In fact it's not just limited to players, you can also see NPCs and Mobs. This Radar HUD (Heads Up Display)

WoW: How to get on top of buildings in Battlegrounds

This cheat will allow you to get on almost any rooftop, in battlegrounds. This is great when you have to cap a location, or to rain down AoE damage on top of people. However you won't be able to get

GW2: WvW Cheat – win more often

It always seems to be the same, one side wins All-the-time, and the other loses all-the-time, am I right? Use this "cheat" to win more often at WvW. This will take a bit of research, however once you get it

The Secret World: Battleground Guide

TSW Battleground Guide To get started let me show you how to even bring up the PvP window and how to enter a PvP game. In the upper right hand side of your screen, where the minimap is you will

Diablo 3: No PvP/PK on Release

It's been announced that there will not be any PvP content on the release day in part because of the amount of bugs which still need to be fixed. Which makes us wonder why they are contemplating a release, when

Minecraft: PvP game suggestion

I found this while browsing an emulated wow server site. It takes the best and worst of Minecraft and makes a suggestion on how to make the game PvP, for competitive players. If anyone does take the idea and makes

Rift: PvP Gimp Trick

While we cannot pretend to be someone we aren't, like a cleric can't pretend to be a mage, we can pretend to be weaker then we actually are. This trick will fool your enemies into thinking you are an easy

Rift: Rogue PvP Nuke trick

This is a little trick, which will help you to nuke an enemy. It requires the use of 3 abilities from the Assassin and Saboteur soul trees. It will allow you to attack an enemy, while they are unable to

World of Warcraft: PVP Class Tutorials + Videos

The videos are free to access for anyone who wants them. You can get them over at PVP Turorials. They will explain how to set up your screen, why to set it up like that, what macros are, what everything

EVE Online: Frigate Fleet Fitting Using the Hydra Principle

Introduction A frigate fleet is not simply a blob of people in frigates. Blobs are disorganized, often poorly fitted mess of ships that rely on sheer numbers to win. This is a mistake in judgment made by many and repeated

Allods: Ever Shifting PvP Maze

I was reading the newsletter, and while I don't play Allods, I thought to myself, that Allods is actually pushing the barrier a little. They have created an ever shifting PvP maze, which will make it next to impossible for

EVE Online: Wolfpack Tactics guide – A fun way to PvP

As you have seen from our PVP-BASIC post, the frigate fleet can be an amazingly powerful entity despite its diminutive sized ships. When you add in the destroyers to such a fleet, what you get is a fleet of fast

EverQuest 2: Cliff Jumping PvP trick

If you jump off a cliff, in order to get away from certain PvP or PK death, you can use this simple trick, to stop falling.  All you need to do, is minimize the window.  Once you open the window

Darkfall Online: Silently Dismount, no warning noise trick

If you ever closed in on a mob spawn and heard fighting noise, and wanted to sneak up silently but were mounted, here comes your salvation. This trick will allow you to nigh silently, sneak up on the enemy, and