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Rift: How to make money off the AH, without listing items

If you don't have at least 1500 loyalty (costs about $10 or 2k plat), then you can't list items on the Auction House (AH). However, that doesn't mean you can't make money off the AH. There are a couple ways

Rift: Play Rift, when Rift is down for a patch

Nope, it's not a sandbox nor an emulator. There is a trick I have used to log into Rift when it's down for patching or maintenance. It's a simple trick, but allows me to avoid going to another game during

Rift: Leveling Tips 1-60

I am writing this, because this came up with my leveling crew. They thought that leveling 50-60, was like leveling 1-50 in Rift. It's not. In fact, leveling 50-60 has to be done in a different manner then leveling 1-50.

Rift: Autumnal Event is over – now what?

OK, so the Autumnal Event is over, we collected artifacts and mounts, so now what? Now, we go back to playing in our normal lives, hunting with our friends on Greybriar, downing bosses, and waiting. We're waiting for the expansion

Rift: Autumn Harvest tips and tricks

written by Spitt of mmoexploiters.com First off, to get into this special area, find one of the Fairy Rings on your map in most any zone (DO NOT enter through the Realm of the Fae dungeon entrance). Once you click

Rift: Spitt’s PvE Rogue Tank AoE Build

Let me first say, I have been playing around with the Rouge tank for a while now, though not a long time. Every rogue tank I had seen before, could do T1 but not T2 very well. Some of the

Rift: Farming Level 50 Equipment via LFG

When you hit level 50, not only are you a new level 50, but you might as well go around naked. Your gear is what helped you level, but it doesn't really help you when you want to go do

Rift: Artifact Tracker Offset Finder for OllyDBG

This is a script which attempts to find offsets using OllyDBG for an Artifact Tracker. Additionally it tries to find the fly and no collision offsets.

Rift: Instant Adventures Rift Encounter Tip

I love Instant Adventures, but on occasion they can get bugged. In particular, closing Rifts. In fact, this happened to a group of us today. An Air Rift was supposed to be closed, but on act 5, it bugged, and

Rift: Static Location to gain Artifacts

Lo and behold, I have begun seeing a few artifacts with a static location, begun to pop on the AH for 2-3 rift platinum each. I suppose if you can't be bothered to go there and get them yourself, then

Rift: Instant Adventures tip

Instant Adventures are great! Last night I played for 1.5 hours and managed to level 2 planar levels, effectively gaining 1M experience. However, sometimes it's a pain in the arse to travel around, aggroing every mob, while you run across

Rift: Semi-Perma Invisibility for Rogues exploit

At first, I wasn't sure how I managed to do this. And really I am not sure who all it affects, however I was able to make my character completely invisible in Rift, even from the people I was hunting

Rift: Spell Spammer

This tool, was made with AutoHotKey, and will allow you to spam spells or abilities over and over, with or without a delay. It can be used as an auto-buffer or a rudimentary follow bot. It has no navigation in

Rift: 3 Faction PvP Now Live – Conquest PvP Event July 4-8

Maelforge and Laethys are dead, and with the Blood Storm on the run, the Ascended have splintered over philosophical differences. Three groups have risen among these mighty immortals, and their inter-dimensional war has come to a head in a battle

Rift: Mentoring new experiences and OP Cheat

I got a chance to play with Mentoring yesterday. I was playing one of my lower level characters, and I was definitely impressed. So I went hunting with a Guardian Rogue I was leveling up, playing with my Warrior tank

Rift: Bob Saget’s AutoIT Fishbot script

Not only is Bob Saget funny, but he can code in AutoIt. Here's a fishing bot script, which has an easy to understand GUI which will allow you to fish for hours catching and leveling your fishing to no end.

Rift: New Seals and How to obtain them

This is just a guide on what the new seals are and how to obtain them. All the seals can be combined Epic Augments (Check list below) to increase their base stats, so don't forget to add these when crafting your

Rift: Rift Minion 2.1 with Pathing Improvements

RiftMinion 2.1 was released a couple weeks ago, with all new features! We decided to wait to release this news, so that we could see what if any bans happened with the latest release. Surprisingly, there have been less bans

Rift: Bard – Planestalker Build – DPS + Healing

Warning, you might see this build as being a Tanking build. It is not. In fact any ability which generates a bit of threat is either not used, or not selected. This build is meant to make a more hardy

Rift News: Patch 1.8 Fishing, new 20-man raid Infernal Dawn

Trion announced Patch 1.8 will have a new 20 man raid title Infernal Dawn, where you can battle Maelforge and Laethys. Also will add 2 skills Fishing & Survival. I am thinking that maybe survival will be cooking, but it

Rift: The new way to farm tickets F-A-S-T

In ye olden days... erm make that about 1-2 weeks ago, the fastest way to farm tickets was to pop balloons in a raid. Basically you would earn 1 ticket every 30 seconds. And today, if you try to do