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Rift: Get BOTH Carnival mounts on one character

A method to gain you both of the Carnival mounts (Nebula & Tindrel) during this month's event, for the Anniversary of the Ascended. It's so simple, i am just going to share it with everyone.

Rift: Carnival of the Ascended Fastest Prize Ticket Farming

During the Carnival of the Ascended second phase, some games have opened up, which will allow you to gain Prize Tickets, which can then be exchanged for various prizes. This is a method which will basically allow you to gain

Rift: Official Email Received – Carnival of the Ascended

I received an email today showing the offers of the Carnival of the Ascended event. Basically this event is a one-year anniversary celebration extravaganza. Now what I really enjoy about this, is wiping the pinatas - my level, and collecting

Rift: Best Time to Farm Glass Beads

You already know my trick for beating level 50s out of Glass Beads and stealing my chance to get them. Well in conjunction with this trick, I have a favorite time to farm them. If you farm them at this

Rift: Fooling level 50s!

ACK! Just when I get to a Dragon Pinata, a level 50 wipes it out. They don't need to fight the mobs I need to, to get the Glass Beads. They have faster mounts and don't aggro the mobs... but

Rift: Unverified Screen Lockup Trick

I am not 100% sure how I have managed to do this, so I am simply going to explain what happened, and maybe someone can figure this out or base a cheat off it... I have managed to lock up

Rift: Powerlevel 10-50 in under 12 hours!

There is a spot in Rift on Ember Isle where you can level a lowbie friend from 10-50 in about 12 hours (depending on your build). This is best for Cabicar clerics and Warriors with AOEs with the Reaver soul or Riftblade soul.

Rift: Marksman Cheat – Jump forward while retreating

This exploit will grant you the ability of using retreat to jump forwards, instead of backwards. It will also save you many times in warfronts, world pvp when you need to escape, carry the sourcestone in WF faster, without needing

Rift: Drake Faming Exploit via HK Chronicle

This exploit will allow you to instantly respawn the drakes, over and over to farm the mount. The mount can then be traded on the AH, for a good amount of platinum. This is also a great spot to just

Rift: 1-300 Outfitter Crafter Leveling Guide

The Outfitter, is the one class which is always in need, for every class as they level. You see the Outfitter is the guy that makes your bags. As you level you will want larger and larger bags, and this

Rift to add Player Housing and a New Zone

In a recent interview, Trion announced that they were looking to have player housing available to players by next year.  While i would like to say that the new zone is news, I would actually say the bigger news is

Rift: How to Kill a Healer in PvP

How do you kill a healer in Rift PvP? At the moment either put a healing debuff on them, or gang up on them with a few other players. People all through the Rift forums have been either calling for

Rift: Rogue PvP Base/Flag capture trick

This is a nifty little trick for riftstalkers in PvP Warfronts which will help you cap or defend flags and bases easier. It was taught to me by a long time time friend and guild mate, smokeyz on Crucia - Defiant.

Rift: Defiant – Touched by the Rain quest secret – no more waiting

I am probably going to regret telling you this secret, but at no time, do I ever have to run around looking for a soaked villager, dripping villager, and dampened villager to reveal and kill. As it turns out, there is

Rift: Free Character Name Change

Patch 1.3 has brought us more then Guild Banks, a new Rift Event, and free Server Transfer. It's also brought us free Character Name Changes. Unfortunately, it also brought a bug with the free name change, but it can easily

Rift & WoW: Cheap, Easy, Free Gold and Plat technique

This is a heck of a trick, that can easily earn you a couple hundred Rift platinum or a few thousand WoW gold a day with little or no work. No, this is not a cheat. Of course since this

Rift: Damage Parsers

If you don't have one, get one. Why? Because it helps you to determine Exactly what spells, in what combos, with what armor, and what weapon and buffs will help you ro do more damage, more heals, or proc more

Rift: OP Mage End-Game PvE Guide and Spec

written by bluedot In this guide I will cover stat priorities, itemization, damage parsers, macros, consumables and the best specs and their rotation. This guide is meant for people who want to progress as a mage in end-game PvE. I

Rift: Easy Artifact Hunting via the Auction House tip

all credit to Pathogen for this find If you are an artifact hunter, one that likes to complete the sets via any means possible, then this useful shortcut will come in handy to help you complete them quickly. It's a

Rift: Warrior Skull Helm

Have you seen the skull helm? Or maybe you just want one to intimidate your enemies in PvP? As it turns out, there is one in the game. Unfortunately, it's from a rare mob, which means you will either have