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No Man’s Sky Hints & Tips to get you started

I've been playing No Man's Sky for a bit now, and wanted to share with you these No Man's Sky Hints & Tips which have helped me to succeed (thus far) in the game. These are only 8 tips to get you

StarTrek Online: Ground forces winning strategy

I don't know about you, but I hate having to do a mission over, if I screw something up, or die prematurely.  This is a way, within StarTrek Online, which will allow you a much better chance at surviving, when

StarTrek Online (STO): Finding the objective on planet missions

If you are having trouble finding where to go when doing planet mission, there is an easy solution, rather then running everywhere, not knowing what you are looking for.  Look for the red dots on the map, these are mobs

StarTrek Online (STO): Stuck in Planet bug

Ok, so I decided to fly down to a planet (Earth).  It was going ok, a bit shakey... couldn't get all the way down.  But then I decided to go back to the Starbase, and found the bug.  Haha, you