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Special Offer ending soon If you donate with PayPal (accepts credit cards) to help cover my expenses since my accident I will help you out in return.  Anyone who donates at least $5 will have their name listed on this

Access All VIP Content

It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

DayZ PK Gearing pvp trick

DayZ Gearing up trick

The easiest way to gear up in DayZ, is to do the DayZ PK Gearing pvp trick. The DayZ PK Gearing pvp trick is actually a very simple trick. All you need to do, is wait for a server reset, and then to

Path of Exile: PvP Multi-player Tips

One thing that I am starting to pickup from watching successful PvP groups, isn't so much that they have kiting down, or that they effectively use their spells while grouped, but more along the lines of cooperation.

Wizadry Online: Avoid PK Death tips and tricks

I see a lot of people whining about getting killed by player killers (PK) and I have some tips and tricks for you that will make it so that 90% of the time a PK'er or even a group of

The Secret World: Battleground Guide

TSW Battleground Guide To get started let me show you how to even bring up the PvP window and how to enter a PvP game. In the upper right hand side of your screen, where the minimap is you will

Diablo 3: No PvP/PK on Release

It's been announced that there will not be any PvP content on the release day in part because of the amount of bugs which still need to be fixed. Which makes us wonder why they are contemplating a release, when

Minecraft: PvP game suggestion

I found this while browsing an emulated wow server site. It takes the best and worst of Minecraft and makes a suggestion on how to make the game PvP, for competitive players. If anyone does take the idea and makes

Rift: PvP Gimp Trick

While we cannot pretend to be someone we aren't, like a cleric can't pretend to be a mage, we can pretend to be weaker then we actually are. This trick will fool your enemies into thinking you are an easy