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wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm | WoW

wRobot Server Hop Mine Herb Farm are a couple plugins for the WoW Bot called wRobot (click here) which will not just server hop automatically, but also mine and herb for you and does so much faster than doing it

Path of Exile: GGPK File extractor

With this you can make barrels, chests, or unique items a bright green or pink texture using GIMP and a DDS plugin. Think of this as your first step to making a pixel bot, where item colors will allow your

TSW: Combat Log Parser

Ever wanted to know what you were doing in terms of damage or healing against a mob, when you are hunting in a group? Who does the most damage, who does the least, and just how much DPS you're actually

Archaeology Buddy, for HonorBuddy

If you have an older version of HonorBuddy and don't have a lifetime membership, then you can use this plugin to not only raise your Archaeology skills, but to fly from spot to spot. If you have a new version,

Battle.net chat bot

Miragebot is a chatbot, which allows battle.net users to communicate with other battle.net users, over a customizable program which emulates a battle.net application.  It will allow you to chat over a battle.net gateway. This chat bot currently works for Starcraft,